Opinions: Not Right, Not Wrong

I don’t voice my opinion often, but when I do, I think I deserve the same respect that others expect when they voice their opinion. What I normally get is barked at by those who don’t agree, or disrespected in some other form….including confrontational private messages! Do you know what I do when I don’t like someone’s opinion? I just keep scrolling!!!! I don’t argue and bark at them as though they’re wrong or stupid for having an independent thought. I accept that others will have a different opinion, and discussion is always welcomed but have some damn respect!

Learn to be open-minded

I don’t know what it is about opinions that people don’t understand. Opinions are neither right nor wrong. Opinions are views or judgments formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. They are based on a person’s perception or experience of a situation. My opinions are normally formed after I consider both sides of the matter. This is something I think many people neglect to do. They just “thump their chest” as if to say, “What I say matters!” Well, so does mine. Everyone has the right to form an opinion, and to not be disrespected, even if views are different. I use to tell my kids as they were growing up, “If you want to be respected for your opinion, then you must first respect the opinions of others.” It’s just that simple.

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