Here I sit, sick with a dreadful head cold. I haven’t been sick since December. Ugh. I know that no one likes to be sick. I despise being sick. I am of no use to anyone when I’m sick. I just want to crawl into bed and stay there until the sickness passes…..or I die from boredom, whichever comes first.

Instead of laying in bed all day, I decided to transfer my Blogger Blog to WordPress. So far, so good. It’s here. I figured an update would be in order since it’s been so long since I blogged. (That is, if the fog in my brain will let me complete sentences and actually make sense.)

What has happened over the last 6 months?

*My 3rd grand baby was born in February! Oh my! He is so precious. He has hair like his mother when she was a baby. S.R. had the wildest hair, but I could put clips and ribbons in her hair to keep it ‘tamed’. The first comment people make when they see photos of K.A. is, “Look at that hair!” Dad and I have been trying to go see “the little hairy one” at least once a month. I can’t wait to go see him again.

*My daughter and her boyfriend (A NEW AND IMPROVED BOYFRIEND, since I last posted on the subject!!) have a nice little apartment in Branson, both are working, and they have a competent babysitter for “the little hairy one”. I am very pleased that S.R. is back on track and equally pleased with Z.G., who has proved to be a great daddy and a really good guy. I am very happy to welcome him into our crazy family!

*My pain level continues to rise. If it’s not the ice cold winter, it’s the humidity making my pain worse. Some days I can barely walk. My cane gets lots of use these days. I’m looking into finding a new doctor.

*My son and his girlfriend have found a place of their own and I have an extra room now for my supplies. It’s still a bit on the unorganized side, but I’m working on what works best for me. Time to get the business back on track!

*I have been taking my therapist’s advice and taking care of me. I have spent nearly my entire adulthood taking care of others’ needs and putting my own needs on the back burner. I don’t mind helping others. I actually like helping people. However, I have never set boundaries or limitations. I have had to cut ties with a couple friends because they just didn’t understand. I guess they figured I should be there for them at any given moment.

*I won’t give any details here about this, but let me just say that I am DONE trying to jump through hoops that I just can’t jump through! When one party refuses to take into consideration my physical pain and limitations and STILL expects me to jump….well let’s just say the truth will come out eventually and they will be seen for the hypocritical, judgmental, self-righteous people they truly are. Karma’s a real bitch, baby!

*We finally upgraded to faster internet!! I am finally able to do a lot of things more easily, that I put off all the time before because it was just too much trouble. So, I wonder what I might be getting into next! More blogging for one…..

*Dad is doing great, aside from his forgetfulness. Of course, brain fog makes me forget too, so who am I to talk, huh? What he forgets, I remember. What I forget, he remembers. We help each other out, see?!

So, that’s about it…. Of course, the fog in my head prevents me from remembering a lot of what has been going on lately. I’ll remember more when I’m feeling better and when I come back to read this, I’ll feel like a complete imbecile!

Back to bed….

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