The Enemy I Must Face

I have just recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my spine, hips, legs, knees, ankles and feet. If that’s not bad enough, it’s spreading up my spine and is also invading my shoulders and neck. Along with this painful enemy comes much depression. I am not able to fully enjoy life… Laughter is in my heart but I cannot voice it as I once did. I’m not enjoying my grand babies as much as I should and it breaks my heart. I have a hard time doing all the things I once did so freely. My mobility is limited. I tire easily. I am discouraged, to say the least.

I have yet to find out which form of arthritis it is. When I do, I must create a plan of attack, with the help of my Dr., to reduce my constant pain, slow the progression, and strengthen my bones. Once my pain is reduced, then perhaps the depression will subside and I will start to enjoy my life again.

First though, I am doing as much research as I can. My time must be limited at the computer due to the constant pain. I will be trying many different things to help reduce the pain caused by my terrible enemy.

#1. More Exercise – Even if it kills me, I will try to do more.

#2. Change My Diet – Add more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains.

#3. Use Essential Oils & Herbs – Massage oils, teas, supplements etc.

#4. Reduce My Weight – To reduce wear and tear on my bones & joints.

I will be blogging my journey through this; information, methods, drugs, herbs, essential oils, supplements…what works and what doesn’t…feelings, fears, people who help along the way…

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