Finding The Words…..

This post is a long time coming. It’s been months since I was able to find the words to describe the feelings of hurt, dissapointment, fear, anger and frustration that I have been feeling.

S.R. made some bad choices and is paying the price. She has learned the hard way that making the absolute wrong choice will lead to not only personal consequence but also to more stress and more financial worries. I hope this is the beginning of the end of her problems and not the beginning of more. This I say because she has not realized what I had been hoping she would realize. She is still in love with J. and will stand by him no matter what. He will be in prison until next month and when he is released, S.R. will go with him and take my beautiful grandson with them.

For right now, S.R. and my grandson D.M. are staying with me. I am loving every second of it, even through the constant messes and disasters S.R. leaves everywhere she goes! Yes, it’s her who makes the messes, not the baby! D.M. is 7 months old now and he is the most beautiful child! He has the brightest, happiest smile and the bluest dark blue eyes! I feel the tears coming as I type because I know soon I won’t see him when I awake in the mornings. He won’t be there to brighten my day. I won’t be able to make him smile or giggle or kick his little Fred Flintsone feet in absolute joy! I won’t see many of his firsts…..

On the bright side, I have witnessed many of D.M.’s firsts! The first time he started walking in his walker, his first visit to a pet store, his first day at the park, his first jar of baby food are just a few. I bought him his first swimming pool which he loves sitting in on a hot day and splashing himself. His first sippy cup…..which he’s still trying to master!

I feel so blessed to have him in my life but why must he go away? It’s just life I guess. Children grow up and have children of their own. They move away. It happens every day. That doesn’t make it any easier. I will have my memories and I will pray that not too much time passes between visits.

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