Is It Just Me????

Each and every time I have to deal with so-called “professionals” I know I’m going to get pissed about something. It never fails. No one ever does anything right the first time. No one ever does what they say they are going to do. They never do what is expected of them. And they are referred to as professionals?? Not by me.

No one is perfect I know. “Stuff” happens. But “stuff” shouldn’t happen every time — should it?

My dad goes to the doctor for his yearly check-up. He gets a complete blood work up, and the doctor says, “Someone will call you with the results.” He goes home and a week passes. No word. He waits a few more days, still nothing. He calls the doctor’s office and the nurse right away says, “Everything was fine.” My dad asks, “What is my cholesterol?” The nurse says, “It was good.” Dad asked her, “What were the numbers?” He’s ready with pen and paper. She says, “I don’t have the file in front of me.” Obviously, she didn’t have the file in front of her. So, how does she know it’s good then, right? What a joke. Dad, shortly thereafter, found a new doctor.

I took my son to see the surgeon about his hand. They gave him a work release – so he could go back to work, duh. The release form didn’t SPELL OUT that he could go back to work. It listed only a limitation of lifting 10 lbs. or less. His employer is being picky because it doesn’t say specifically that he can go back to work. So I call the surgeon’s office. I have to tell 3 different people the same stinkin’ story before finally the nurse looks up my son’s file and says, “We’ll fax a new one over.” I gave her the number. I wonder if this is even going to be done or if I will have to go there in person to pick it up myself?

I ended up calling a second time, asking if they had faxed the new work release. Nope. Message not received. Guess what? I ended up going all the way to Springfield, to the surgeon’s office to get the dang thing myself! Never would have guessed it huh?


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