10 Spiders…..

The spiders are coming in the house from every nook and cranny they can find! They must not like the rain! It makes sense. When it rains I come inside too.

I don’t like to kill things but I take exception to flys, fleas, ticks and SPIDERS. Actually, if the spiders stay outside where they belong then I leave them alone. If they come inside MY domain, they are taking their lives into their own hands….feet, legs, whatever.

Last night, every time I turned around there was a stinkin’ spider! I don’t know what kind they were. We call them “chipmunk spiders” only because of the brown stripes they have on their backs that reminds of us of the stripes and coloring of a chipmink. Silly huh?

It started in the morning. Before I could even shower I had to rid the bathtub of, not one but 2 chipmink spiders. Later in the day, there was one crawling up my bedroom door and I know what he was doing! He was going to hide in my room, that’s what he was going to do! S.R. sucked one up in the vacuum tube when she was cleaning her room. Dad was getting ready for bed last night around 10 pm and he found one in the bathroom sink. Then, 4 of those creepy little things, one right after the other, in the living room! Then, right before I went to bed I was spooked by one scampering across the kitchen floor. He must’ve seen what I had done to his other 8-legged friends. Didn’t do much good to run away. Did he really think I was going to go to bed with him still running around in MY domain?

I was afraid to go to bed – were there more of those chipmunk spiders in my house? In my room? I couldn’t sleep for a little while – kept thinking there was something crawling on me. When I finally did fall asleep, I dreamed about Sebastian Bach making fun of Angelina Jolie. He had fake teeth in his mouth and he was doing this thing with his lips. He looked just like her, only with blond hair! Now, why on Earth would I dream something so silly? Beats spiders though. I’m not gonna bitch.

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