Early Childhood Memories

I was thinking about my childhood the other day and I began to remember many things I had long forgotten. I then tried to think back as far as I could and I recalled two memories from when I was very small.

Memory #1

I was around 4 years old and in nursery school. I remember having apple juice and graham crackers for snacks. I remember crying a lot because I felt lost. I also wanted to ride one of the tricycles that the other children got to ride, but for some reason, I was not allowed. I feel like something significant happened there because to this day, the smell of apple juice brings me back to that nursery school and makes me want to hurl. I wish I could remember more. Maybe I shouldn’t…

Memory #2

I think I must’ve been around 5 or 6 when my mom and dad and I went to Missouri to visit one of my mom’s relatives. I remember a teenage girl nicknamed “Butter” and she had bright red hair. She was always looking at herself in the mirror and fixing her hair. I looked up to her at the time. She seemed so sophisticated! I wanted to be just like her! I remember an older woman, whom I adored because she was so kind and loving. She was always cooking something delicious! She reminded me of Hazel, The Witch, a book that I had read myself or had someone else read to me. I can’t remember which. I’m pretty sure we were on a farm but the only animals I remember are pigs. I laugh now but back then I stood on a hill and threw rocks down below at the pigs in a pen. Poor little pigs. I wonder where everyone else was when I was doing this? Were they not watching me? I could have wandered off and got lost or hurt myself, being a little girl not used to country life.

How far back can you remember?

8 thoughts on “Early Childhood Memories

  1. Speaking of nursery school, I remember being outside near the sandbox when I noticed my shoe had become untied. I asked the teacher if she would tie it for me, and some cocky little boy said he could do it. I was impressed — until I saw that he was simply trying to twist the two laces together! At age four, he had already learned macho braggadocio.

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  2. It’s amazing what things we remember from our childhood. I remember starting headstart, my teacher Mrs. Rodgers a very tall redhead who’d give up these small little delicious hard candies if we behaved and helped. I also remember making feather headbands and necklaces out of hardened marshmallows that we’d paint with water colors to celebrate Thanksgiving. Weird the small things we recall.

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    • It IS funny how we can remember back to our younger days, but can’t remember what we had for lunch the day before! Well, maybe that’s just me! Lol. Cool memories, friend! I have a few memories from kindergarten that stick with me, too. Like making feathers out of construction paper for Thanksgiving Indian headbands and getting in trouble because I didn’t make mine the right way but I thought I did it the way the teacher told us to. :/

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  3. I have a memory from probably five years old… my sister scared me to no end. My uncle had a laugh bag (when you pushed a button or just put pressure on it it would give a maniacal laugh) and my sister placed it under my pillow so when I went to go to sleep and my head hit the pillow… I screamed and cried! Terrified me… LOL!

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