What’s Eating Aunt Debbie?

Oh, so many things to say but less than an hour to write!

Who’s Trying To Steal What?

It looks to me like Donald Trump is the one who’s trying to steal the election. They counted and recounted the votes in several states. Biden still had more votes. 60+ law suits put in front of various courts, were knocked down! NO evidence of widespread voter fraud was presented in any of those cases. Biden is still, clearly the winner of the 2020 election. Still claiming to have won the election, Trump riles up his base and makes them believe the lie! Now look what has happened.

He Told Them To Come

Peaceful protests are one thing; a riot is quite another. Donald Trump told his followers to come to the Capitol. He told them to fight. They knew what he wanted them to do. He knew they would do it. He used his followers to do his dirty work, the fucking coward! Desecrating the Nation’s Capitol Building is unacceptable! Donald Trump incited this riot that resulted in 5 deaths, property destruction, and theft. Let us not forget that these rioters came with weapons, zip ties, a constructed gallows and noose, Molotov cocktails and the like – for what purpose other than to terrify and inflict harm? It is clear what their intent was. They threatened the life of the Vice-President; shouting “Hang Mike Pence.” All because Trump expected Pence to overturn the vote, which is completely not up to Pence. His job was to oversee, not overturn. Trump just can’t accept that he lost the election and refuses to give up “power” because he’s a big, whiny-ass crybaby! But…but…but…BLM, Antifa, yadda yadda… Just staaahp! It doesn’t matter who did what, when, or why. The people that stormed the Capitol Building are simply, domestic terrorists. Destruction and violence is unacceptable. ANY destruction or violence committed during a protest of any kind is unacceptable! Insurrection and sedition is CRIMINAL. The riot on Wednesday was a direct attack on our Democracy! It was an attempted coup.

Speaking of BLM…

If those rioters had been black they’d have been shot/beat/pelleted and arrested before they could have even walked in the doors of the Capitol. Why were these white Trump supporters allowed to do what they did with little push-back? We all know why. 

Freedom of Speech

We, the people, have been granted the right to speak freely; to express our opinions, via the US Constitution. Twitter, among other social media platforms have banned Donald Trump for violating their policies. News Flash: Twitter is a privately owned company and they have every right to suspend or permanently ban people for violating their terms of use policy. I can’t help but compare this to the situation with my sister, who is constantly in Facebook “jail.” She speaks her mind, not always in the classiest way, and she violates Facebook’s terms of use. Why is Trump any different? He is NOT different. No one is infringing upon his rights! He has violated company policy by inciting violence, using hate speech, etc. Come on, folks! We are all HUMAN BEINGS! We are all the same! Just because someone else is being hateful, doesn’t mean it’s ok. We must remember, that with Freedom of Speech comes a certain responsibility. Just because you have the right to speak your mind doesn’t mean you should always speak your mind. Some things should remain unsaid. Some things are just inappropriate and unacceptable. Some things are just downright FALSE. See what happens when lies and conspiracy theories are spread and perpetuated by a US President?  

Yes, I’m A Democrat

What of it? Do you hate me now because I’m a Democrat? Are you going to call me names like libtard, snowflake, liberal, or angry Democrat? You damn right, I’m angry! I’m angry that Donald Trump has turned us all against each other. He has flipped our Democracy upside down! We have never seen the likes of such an incompetent, hateful, ignorant, racist, sexist, anti-American POTUS in the history of the United States! Anything, and I mean anything you might think Trump did that was good, is completely clouded by all the bad. If you still support this man, then you are the problem. There. I said it. Unfollow. Unfriend. I really don’t give a rat’s ass…all because I’m a Democrat. Well, let me tell you that I have several times in the past voted Republican. I’m smart enough to think for myself and vote for the candidate that I feel is the best qualified. Donald Trump was not and is STILL NOT qualified to lead this country. I didn’t vote for him nor would I ever


I knew what was going to happen before Trump was even elected in 2016. Of course, I didn’t know the exact events, nor did I know to what extent, but I knew things were going to end badly. He has ripped this country into shreds. My heart is weary. My brain is exhausted. I am sick and tired of the way Republicans think. Frankly, I am ashamed.

Click. There goes my last Republican friend. Oh well. 👋


11 thoughts on “What’s Eating Aunt Debbie?

  1. Well said. When Trump was elected, I expected the worst. He was rallying fears and anger in his base, and his inauguration speech only reinforced that expectation. But I have to be honest — as bad as I imagined his presidency might be, he exceeded all my worst expectations — from those ‘fine’ people with their Tiki-torches, denying a pandemic and urging people to gather maskless at superspreader events even with hundreds of thousands dead and thousands more dying every day, and now this pathetic, unconstitutional and ultimately deadly attempt to cling to power. This is Trump’s America for the world to see.

    Removing Trump from office in whatever manner it takes, while long overdue, will only further anger those who believed he was their savior. He needs to be gone immediately, both to set an example, and more importantly, to protect the country. Sadly, his base (the same people he’d never let set foot in his gilded resorts,) still believe he stands for them. I suspect when all is said and done, we’ll learn he was doing this simply to avoid his debts and prosecutions. Last week may have been the final straw for some of my Republican friends, who could no longer justify his actions or words, but others still believe their ‘Constitutional Freedoms’ (free speech, guns, God, and white privilege) are under attack even as they storm the capital.

    Looking forward to the day we can look back on the terrible time, hopefully from the perspective of a wiser nation.

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    • Thank you and you’re absolutely right. He needs to be gone immediately and I fear that impeachment will not only be a waste of time but will also feed the flames. I’m hoping we have the future where we can look back and say we are stronger and wiser.


  2. Here, Here!!!! I second your every single thought about everything you said. And your completely right about it too. Donald Trump, who has proven that someone without any sense whatsoever and no higher education, morals, communication skills (because he can only use small, child like verbiage) or be remotely knowledgeable regarding the Constitution of the United States can get elected president.
    I, we all need him to get impeached for the second time around so the mofo can’t run again in 2024 like he’s telling his followers. Followers that by the way, are also as ignorant, with limited knowledge of the English language that only believe what’s on social media, idiots that have no clue that this so called president doesn’t give a damn about them. He’s only in it for himself.

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    • You nailed it, sista! It’s very reassuring that I know more people who truly “get it” than Trump supporters. I’m hopeful about things calming down when Biden takes over but worried about how much more chaos and violence we will endure in the meantime, and quite possibly after Jan. 20. It’s worrisome, to say the least.

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  3. Deb, based on our past conversations, you know I agree 100% with you. And, I also agree with The Huntress on the fact that we do need to impeach him, and it needs to be NOW. If we allow him to keep his seat for the rest of his presidency, he gets the many cushy benefits a past president gets, namely a pension, staff and office expenses, medical care or health insurance, and Secret Service protection. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care to have my hard-earned money going toward him at all.

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    • Yes, perfectly said, Teri! That SOB doesn’t deserve Secret Service protection or monetary benefits for the rest of his life! After all the hell and destruction he is responsible for, he doesn’t deserve a damn thing! Impeach NOW! If Pence had any balls he would invoke the 25th amendment. :/


  4. I know a couple of Republicans that voted for him… I am ashamed of their decision. But I will not end a friendship over an election. Now if they had been part of the mob from last week at the capitol that would make them criminals and that is different. Some of his supporters are so brainwashed I almost feel sorry for them… they believe his lies. I do agree he should be impeached. I would like to see Pence invoke the 25th amendment but I doubt he will. I just hope it is a peaceful transition on the 20th and then maybe we can heal a little as a nation.

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    • I have some Republican friends as well. If they voted for Trump, that makes me question who they are. I have ended friendships when MY stance on issues/candidates is disrespected. I won’t be berated by a ‘friend’ who now acts like Trump. True colors, they say.

      Pence is a coward. I don’t see him invoking the 25th. Impeachment is the only way to go. He needs to be held responsible for what he has done.

      Yes, I hope we can rise above this and heal as a nation!

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