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  1. I didn’t realize you were a jigsaw puzzle fan, Deb. I’ve loved putting jigsaw puzzles together for as long as I can remember. Had them as a little kid and still love working them as an adult. I just wish I had the time to start one and be able to finish it. lol I have one puzzle still sitting in a box that I haven’t opened yet. I bought it a couple months ago. I used to have another one that had a picture of all sorts of underwater creatures. Unfortunately, because of an unexpected event at our home, I no longer have that puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are like yarn to me, a very dangerous hobby. I have to really hold myself back from buying too many of them. I know quite a few people who go to thrift stores or yard sales and find loads of them there. The problem with buying them from thrift stores is that a lot of times there’s at least one missing piece in those boxes. :/ Well, I wish you well on the rest of your jigsaw puzzle completion. It looks like a beauty. 🙂

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  2. I used to help Dad put together jigsaw puzzles. I’d like to get one of those carrier trays to store them in while I work on them so the cats don’t scatter the pieces everywhere. Good luck on your puzzle. Tonight I have been catching up on WordPress and playing a little Animal Crossing on my Switch.

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  3. I don’t think I could sit and put together a puzzle, lol. I read to occupy my time, because I get frustrated too easily so I’d probably throw the puzzle pieces at the wall. Then Charlie would play with it for a minute until he got bored.

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