One Day At A Time

I’m really having a difficult time writing consistently in my blog. The problem is, that I’ve nothing to write about. Well, not unless you count me complaining about this, that, or the other! I don’t want to do that – it drives readers away. Forgive this post, please; it’s just a bit of complaining but it can’t be helped as it’s the way I’m feeling.

Prior to March 15, I could go get my hair cut & colored, take the cats for their immunizations, get my eyes checked, take the car for service or a tire rotation, go to Walmart, the bank, the grocery store, and take Dad for any appointments he may have made. There were countless other things we could do in addition to our weekly outing for lunch. Those times we went out – for whatever reason – gave me experiences and ideas for writing. (They may not have been good ideas, but still…) Now, the only experiences we gain are when we go to the drive thru at the liquor store, bank or pharmacy. Hardly a reason to come home and write!

I feel ‘stuck’ sitting at home. I have nothing to look forward to. Before this pandemic, I looked forward to going to whatever appointments we had lined up or even to Walmart. (Imagine that.) I looked forward to my son, daughter in law, and grandson coming to visit. I looked forward to lunch with my Dad once a week. Now, I’m afraid that will have to wait because Covid-19 cases in my county and surrounding counties are going up. The numbers are still very low compared to most of the country but still a cause for concern.

Being disabled has me at an extreme disadvantage. Had this pandemic happened 10-12 years ago I’d be out hiking, bird watching, gardening, cooking, preserving veggies from my garden, creating soaps and bath products, among other things. I can’t do any of those things now so it’s terribly depressing. I’ve spent the last decade not only trying to get medical assistance, but also trying to reinvent myself. That’s not going quite as well as I had planned and now it’s at a stand-still.

My days now consist of the “same shit – different day” and quite honestly, I’m surprised I even know today is Monday Tuesday? I spend my days updating on social media, reading blogs, placing orders for the week, and doing a few quick chores. I watch a little TV, read a few chapters in a book, crochet, fix quick foods for Dad and myself, and giving each of my cats a good brushing. I sit at the computer waiting for inspiration and/or motivation to write. Nothing comes to me. I turn on some music. That’s no help. I search for writing prompts that strike me as interesting…but either nothing appeals to me or I start writing something, only to save it and walk away disgusted with my writing skills. I can’t even find the motivation to write about my ex for The Ex-Files!

One day at a time…as they say. Someone told me to give myself a break. I’m doing that; taking a break from social media, and TV for a week, maybe longer. I’ll do my best to just chill and let the ideas flow, but no promises.

What do you do to keep the ideas flowing? What inspires you to write these days? I hope you’re having a better time writing that I have been!

Have a great week, friends! Stay safe!

21 thoughts on “One Day At A Time

  1. Oh my dear friend, I’m sorry to hear your going through that emotional funk, and because of this COVID shit, it’s happening to a lot of people. But I also understand that you have a hard time just moving around, and I wish there was something I could do to make that better, believe me. I also understand your concern for dad and his health, especially with all the idiots that don’t want to wear a mask because of this or that.

    Its not for their safety, assholes its for the safety of others. I still can’t understand that.
    Maybe disconnecting from social media and television is something you need. I don’t watch the news anymore because I hate to hear what that Orange Orangutan in the White House has said or done to divide this country of ours even more. So I workout and run, and when I do watch TV its something on Netflix or Hulu. Someone accused me of “disconnecting with reality” and I told (yelled more like it) that I’m not disconnecting, I’m choosing to filter out the bullshit and stay sane. Stupid motherfucker……anyway, I hope that you feel better soon my friend.

    I’m here if you need to vent, you have my email and cell phone number so feel free to use them should you need to. As for me having material to blog about, I have plenty being here at my new job, lol. There some characters I haven’t written about yet and let me tell you, I have plenty to write about for now! lmao.

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    • Thanks, my dear friend! I’m lucky to have you in my corner! I’m depressed but not any worse than the worst period of my life that happened about 12 years ago. I will get through the depression; I just wish I could write! :/ My therapist had recently went back to seeing clients because administrative work wasn’t her thing and I was going to go back to her in March or April…that was the plan anyway. Then Covid happened. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your co-workers! I will try and email you later!!

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    • The thing is, I didn’t need a referral for the pain clinic I was going to go to, but with COVID numbers increasing I won’t take the chance. Like I said, it was planned but then the virus hit. I hadn’t even had the chance to re-establish a connection with my therapist. That was also planned. This whole situation just screwed up everything for everyone! I’ve been playing a lot of Mah Jong, to the point that I see it in my sleep. Lol. I need new games but games that don’t need internet because I don’t have unlimited. :/ Hugs to you, too, Robin!


  2. Deb,
    For someone who doesn’t have a lot to write about, you had a lot to write. I’m glad, too! Ya got the blues, my friend. I’ve had them too! Where you live, is there a park where you and/or your Dad can go and have a picnic on a bench or at a table? If you have wipes, take them along and wipe everything down before you sit. If there is a place where you can go (and not be in close proximity to others, even if you’re worried, please go. Or you can have a picnic sitting out at the park (in your vehicle) and eat. My family and I have done that a few times. Do a little people watching. Make up conversations between people you find interesting even if you can’t hear what they’re saying. I have no doubt that if you go somewhere, you will use precautions and stay safe; but I think you just need to get out and get some fresh air if you can. Hang in there! I have to tell myself that, too! Also, I want to hear more about your spaghetti sauce. What on earth did you do to tweak it to make it better than the whole ex’s family? I’m going to try my hand at chicken caprese tonight. Wish me luck! Here’s a song that I like to listen to when I’m feeling down. I hope it helps. By the way, a good ugly cry works wonders sometimes. Just saying…God knows we have much to cry about these days! Great big hugs to you, Woman! Mona

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    • Big hugs to you, too! Thank you for your kind words and suggestions. I’ve thought about going out to a park or to the trout ranch up the road from us but it’s just too freakin’ hot and humid here. I’ve been trying to sit outside for about 15 minutes each day, for the vitamin D if nothing else. The hawks are active in the “holler” behind us so they’re fun to watch. Too many f*%$ing bugs for a pic-a-nic, as Yogi the Bear would call it. As for my sauce, I added red pepper flakes to give it a bite. Everyone loves my sauce!! I’ve never had chicken caprese, that I recall. I hope it turns out great! I love the Beatles! Thanks! ❤

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  3. I some days have to force myself to write but even if it is a stream of consciousness I find some way to write about the daily word prompt that Fandango has – I have learned new words. Written in styles I never thought I would. Some days I have even just linked the post to a song in relation to the word. I have used items around the house for inspiration to write stories around them or share memories. I always find something … even if it takes a little longer. I can think of lots of online games but without unlimited that will suck your data usage. Explore some music you don’t know much about. And one thing that can really be good for stress relief is something we all did in our youth… coloring. They make several different adult coloring books (one even with swear words to color in if you are feeling particularly angry that day). It is hard being isolated because of this damn pandemic, but know you are far from alone. Reach out to friends and family just to talk. Look up a joke a day to lighten the mood. …I could go on and on, but that is because I have babbling fingertips! Stay safe… (((HUGS))) to you!


  4. My blog-writing “well” has run dry, too… I’ve been working on both a humorous fiction project and a friend’s life story, and have both drafted pretty much to the end. Time to go back and edit, if I could CONCENTRATE!
    You already have some interesting hobbies / activities that I would enjoy reading about. Have you considered studying a topic you’re interested in, but never took time for? Maybe a language, some branch of science or math, culture of another country, economics, reading biographies of famous people, some aspect of nutrition … whatever? You’d enjoy it, and could always write about what you learn.
    All the best,

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    • I’ve always got my nose into some topic of interest, however the interest is always short-lived. Except for Medieval History. That’s always held my interest.

      I’ve been making a list of things to write about but getting started is another story. Concentration is KEY. I can’t concentrate on much.

      I think we all have to just go with the flow and stay safe during this pandemic.


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