Earworm – November Rain

One of my favorite bands is Guns n Roses. The old Guns n Roses, that is. Slash is my favorite guitarist and I always wish he would just do one rock ballad instrumental album and I would die happy.

The guitar solo from this song has been playing in my head for days. The song is part of a trilogy (Don’t Cry, November Rain, Estranged) and based on the short story by Del James called “Without You.” The three songs just happen to be 3 of my favorite GnR songs.

November Rain a great song and the video has a few stupid parts but it’s worth watching, in my opinion. You can catch just the guitar solo at around 4:07 in case you want to skip right to it.


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10 thoughts on “Earworm – November Rain

  1. I’m not a big GNR fan, in fact they (he, Axl) gets on my nerves. But, November Rain has to be one of their greatest songs. The video isn’t bad, but I’ve always wondered why his girlfriend was the one that died instead of Axl? Just food for thought, lol. Great pick my friend 👍😉😎

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  2. I’ll have to ask my eldest if he’s mastered that one yet in his repertoire. 😉 He’s practiced so many different ones, I have no idea what songs they are. lol I know his favorite two bands are/were Guns ‘n Roses and Led Zeppelin. So, he’s probably figured it out already. Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely the two guys who run the band he’s in would have no idea how to play/sing it properly, since they’re mainly a folk rock band. He’s trying to get them to play more traditional rock songs, though. They just lost their bass player Saturday, to the authorities, I believe. :/

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