Earworm – Under Your Scars

This past few weeks I’ve been hearing a new song on Sirius XM by Godsmack and I really love it. It’s called “Under Your Scars.” I’ve liked Godsmack for a long time now but haven’t enjoyed any of their songs nearly as much as their hit “Voodoo.” (Until now.) “Voodoo” has a ‘witchy’ vibe (lead singer Sully Erna is a practicing Wiccan) and the drums are spectacular! Check that one out when you have a chance.

Godsmack has been around for a little over 2 decades now. They have a new album out and I like the new songs I’ve heard so far but this one really hits me in the feels, as they say. It’s been stuck in my mind since the moment I rolled out of bed this morning.


Ok, so now I have to share “Voodoo” with you because I had to go watch the video!


Ok, I can just imagine what’s going on inside your mind right now! They are not Devil worshippers. The Devil is a Christian concept and has no place in Wicca.

What about those drums, ‘eh?

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