It’s Not Political

This major divide between Americans sickens me. It’s not even political. It’s actually an issue of humanity. All human life is valuable. If you think otherwise; based on a person’s skin color, religion, country of origin, or sexual orientation, then you are seriously lacking in your humanity.

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity. I don’t give a rat’s ass what color they are or where they came from. If dogs and cats in shelters were being treated the way immigrants in border camps are being treated, people would be outraged. Even convicted felons are treated better! They have access to health care, clean water, food, a bed to sleep in, and shelter from the scouring heat!

So many people in this country think in terms of what they’re going to lose, or what will be taken from them – as if being kind and helping others is going to damage their own way of life. People need to start thinking about how they would feel if they were in the same situation as those immigrants who just want a better life for themselves, but mostly for their children. Why else would they risk their lives to travel all the way across Mexico to come here? It’s not for free shit. It’s for survival. Wouldn’t you do whatever you had to do to protect your children from harm? They aren’t different.

Some people think that immigrants are taking away jobs from Americans. Seriously? Americans are too good to take the menial shit jobs these immigrants are happy to take! I know through various connections that caucasian’s seeking jobs refuse to take jobs working in the fields, regardless of how bad they say they need a job. Immigrants are happy to take the jobs of working in the fields, doing housekeeping, transportation jobs, and more. They are contributing to this economy!

Humanity seems to have been lost almost completely in the last couple of years. It’s truly sad.

There’s so much more I have to say… but it’s exhausting. Humans are exhausting. The hateful attitudes of so many people make this Proud American ashamed of my fellow-Americans.

If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine. I just hope you’re happy with yourself and that when it’s time to enter The Pearly Gates, you won’t be too disappointed when you’re turned away.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Not Political

  1. Well said my friend, many would tend to disagree but as you said it’s not political. Sooooo, I’m going to opinionize (not in a negative or hateful manner). Because I live here on the border where many of the illegal immigrants are being held and every single local news station is taking advantage of the situation for ratings, I don’t watch the news. But I do have “the other side of the coin” view because I have many, many friends in law enforcement, some of them who are in the Border Patrol. One of them is a BP supervisor at the facility in Clint Tx, where all those children are being held, where all the scrutiny and judgement of the treatment those children are receiving.
    The facility was made to house adults, the BP agents are buying food out of their pockets (which is a clear violation of their duties and the law), they have provided grooming supplies as well soap, tooth paste, tooth brushes, shampoo and deodorant. What the media isn’t reporting is that some of those children are teenagers, that verbally abuse the BP agents, throw the items their given away, break windows, clog the drains/toilets and throw the food they’re given away because they “thought they’d be feed four square, hot meals a day. They’ve been getting sandwiches, rice with veggies and water. But everyone jumps to conclusions that they’re being abused and mistreated because the kids aren’t being feed a hot meal three times a day, have one blanket and have to sleep on the floors because they are so over crowded the BP agents have no where else to house them. They have doctors visiting the kids everyday, making sure they don’t have measles, chicken pox or any other disease that is contagious. Also, the agents are also over extended, they aren’t social workers, caregivers or babysitters, they’re law enforcement officers doing four or five jobs. Remember when our so called president shut the country down? A lot of HLS were on furlough, weren’t getting paid and now that they’re back at work they’re spending their own money to help where the government won’t. The government is too busy clogging up decisions that would bring much needed funds to the border to help with these “modern day interment” camps as one news station put it. Why doesn’t the news report that? Or how some BP agents are working double shifts, sneaking in groceries that don’t need to be cooked (against regulations) or preparing overnight kits? There’s always more than one side to every story, and it just burns my biscuits that all I see is how horribly immigrants are being treated. I don’t doubt that it happens but our border law enforcement is being inundated daily that there in no place to put all of them. Bottom line, they are just dong their jobs, sometimes at the risk of losing them because they too can see the need to care for these children. They’re human too, and I hate that they’re made out to look like abusive monsters. Ok, I’m done with my rant.

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    • I don’t think the BP agents are the bad guys, or monsters as you put it. It’s the government. This shouldn’t even be happening. They shouldn’t be kept like animals and the BP agents shouldn’t have to spend their own money to do what’s right. The government is housing them. The government should be taking better care. There’s always more than one side, you’re absolutely correct. It’s a shame the BP agents are being abused by some of the immigrants, but I would be pretty goddam abusive if I were being held captive like an animal. Having said that, I sure as hell wouldn’t be biting the hand that feeds me either. Thanks for your perspective, friend.

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