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Well, Happy June! It’s still raining off and on here in SW Missouri. I wish it would stop for a bit. Some parts of the state have had major flooding, not to mention tornadic activity, and that’s never good news! We’ve had some tornado warnings, which is always worrisome, but we’ve been lucky in that regard. The rain is another story, though. A couple years ago it was so bad that one of our major roads suffered damage and the bridge was totally destroyed. It wasn’t repaired for months and months! It was a high bridge, too! It was so unbelievable that a bridge that high above the water was even in danger. I just wish it would stop raining for a bit.

I woke up at 5am this morning and never could go back to sleep. I just couldn’t shut my mind off. I thought about things I hadn’t thought of in years. It was driving me insane so I just got up. I tried watching some tv but being Sunday there’s not much on in the way of entertainment. I’m sure not going to listen to some preacher telling me how to live my life. I saw a few gadgets on infomercials I’d like to have…but I have no room to put them so off went the tv. I’ve been piddling about the house ever since, getting little things done a little at a time. I have a feeling by lunch I’ll be ready to fall asleep.

Last month, I was able to reconnect with an old friend who moved back to the area after being away for a few years. We’ve shared lunch, drinks, and some shopping since she’s been back. It’s been great catching up…and laughing. We’ve done a lot of that!

To the lady at the intersection who ran through the 4-way yesterday without even stopping: Try staying off your Goddam phone before you kill someone! It’s a good thing I was on top of things because you would have been in a heap of swear words and chin deep in a can of whoop ass if you would have hit me! (Too bad I don’t know who she is and that she’ll never see this.)

So sick of people insisting that we shouldn’t be eating this or that. Good grief. Give it a rest. People have minds of their own. If they want to eat bread, let them eat bread! If they want to eat sugar-coated cereal, then leave them to it. If they can’t afford to buy organic, stop telling them they can. How the hell would you know?? Mind your own damn business.

I have a ghostwriting job this week. I hope this leads to more work. I’m not the best writer in the world and never claimed to be, but someone likes my writing style enough to hire me, twice. I’m looking forward to it and I think of it as another way to improve my skills.

Jack is doing well, knock on wood. He hasn’t had any major asthma episodes for a while now. As soon as I hear just one cough out of him, he gets an extra dose of his prednisolone, as per our vet’s instructions. It’s working so far.

Poor Sammy. The stray black cat who has been hanging out here disappeared for about 2 weeks. When he came back he was covered with ticks and had scabs and bare spots where he had scratched himself so much. I felt so bad for him I treated him with Frontline Flea and Tick. He disappeared for another 2 days and then when he came back, I didn’t see any more ticks! The scabs and bare spots will take a while to heal but he’s on his way. Poor thing. He’s a very friendly cat, so I think he belongs to someone. The sad thing is, they must not really care much about him to have let him get in the condition he was in. It’s so sad. Some people don’t deserve to have pets.

So, that’s the ramblings of my mind this beautiful day…

12 thoughts on “Ramblings of My Mind

  1. I’m sorry you couldn’t sleep, I know how that goes. I don’t want what my grandfather use to call “church tv” because I feel the way you do. Will you try and send some of that rain over here Deb? We really need it and by the what you’ve said, y’all don’t. It’s so dry that when I open the windows on my car you can hear the dirt scraping against the glass. Ok that’s probs because I haven’t washed it, but the stupid weather dudette keeps saying it’s going to rain so why am I going to wash it and then have it freaking rain?! But, it doesn’t, so I’m thinking if I was it it will, then I’ll be pissed as hell, ugh. Poor Sammy, well I’m glad he came back, I would alway think of him when I had to go let Charlie in every morning. Which today he was all scary cat due to a huge cement truck parked next door pouring concrete because our neighbor is adding on to his house, thanks Ricardo I needed to be woken up at 4:45am on a Sunday! I’m excited for you and this ghost writing job!! Your a better writer than you give yourself credit for, that’s why they hired you.

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    • Church tv, good name for it.That kind of tv is just nauseating to me. I wish I could send you some rain. They said on the news last night that we’re going to have storms all week, off and on. Yay. can’t freakin’ wait. One sure fire way to get it to rain your way is to wash that car! Been there, done that. Ours needs a bath, too. It has dirt AND pollen all over it. Poor Charlie. I bet he’s saying a few kitty-curse words about that cement truck! And you might be too, considering it woke up so early! Haha! Well, hope you get some rain! Have a great week!

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  2. Hope your day ends better than it started.
    Glad to hear the cats are doing better. We have a little stray beagle who made herself at home on our porch. She’s just as sweet as can be and pretty lovable. The problem is she is covered with fleas and ticks, too…and very pregnant. Hubby gave her a flea and tick bath last week, which she hated and I’ve sprayed her and the porch down with an essential oil spray which helps some. At least for a few days and after numerous rolls in the grass.

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    • Aww, beagles are a very lovable breed. I bet she belongs to someone but geez, if they don’t come looking for her what does that say about them as pet owners? My big fat Honey Bear belonged to someone and I searched the newspapers and online, posted online about finding her and no one stepped up. I kept her. ❤ Sammy is another story. He's an intact male and he and Jack won't get along even if I get him neutered. Jack is a very dominant male. He even gives Honey a hard time and she doesn't do anything. So, he can't come inside with the others. 😦 Poor baby needs some lovins! Anyway, I'm feeding him, did the flea/tick drops but that's about all I can do. I just wish he would go home and stay. Good luck with your little beagle friend. I hope her owners show up soon!


  3. Wow! I don’t know if your lack of sleep was due to tornado warnings or not, but that would certainly cause me to lose sleep; not that I need any extra help in that department. I’m new to your blog, so what state do you live in, if it’s okay to ask? I’m in North Central Texas, and we just had 8, possibly 9 tornadoes (not big ones, but they still did damage) a few days ago. We were lucky because they seemed to be all around us but not near us.

    Also, I’m just saying as one who often has insomnia, beware the infomercials! They are the worst and I swear they’re specially geared to work best on the sleep-deprived; when, of course, we are not necessarily at the top of our game. Did I really want to go to that flipping houses seminar the other night so I could learn how to make a bunch of money in less than a year? Yes. I. Did. at 3 AM. It took everything in my power not to call in and sign up. Am I glad I had that kind of willpower in the bright light of day? Yes. I. am. Well I have that kind of willpower the next time I see it? God willing. Pray for me.

    Also, it’s really cool that you got a ghostwriting gig! May I be so bold as to ask how one gets into that line of work? I’m clueless but am looking for ways to supplement my family’s income. Love your blog and will be checking in regularly! ~ Mona

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    • Thank you and welcome, Mona! I’m glad you stopped by! I live in SW Missouri and our last tornado warning was the beginning of last week. Probably about the time your state was hit. Thankfully, the night I wasn’t able to sleep was due to my mind just not shutting down and not tornado warnings! 🙂 Those infomercials are ridiculous. I watched one; about the air fryer oven which would be awesome to have but I have no room for it and I have a small air fryer already. That’s good enough as I don’t/can’t cook much anymore anyway. I normally don’t watch the infomercials but I was up and was looking for something on tv. That was a no-go so I just got on the computer instead. 😉 You can ask me anything! The ghostwriting job was offered to me by a friend who is expanding her business. I had an “in” and have no idea how to go about finding a job on my own. The only thing I can think of is to google it. I’m pretty sure there are websites geared towards freelance writing jobs. That’s not much help, sorry! I hope you can find something and I hope you can get some good sleep! No more infomercials, right?! Lol. Have a great week and I hope to “see” you here again! 😀

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  4. Ah, so you’re having trouble sleeping, too! I was drifting off about the time you got up. Stupid insomnia! I hate the idea that you have to go through tornado warnings. But at least it’s just the warnings and not the real thing! Yikes! We may have lots of snow and cold here in Maine, but at least we don’t have the extreme weather some other places have. My heart goes out to you.

    I’m so glad that Jack is doing better and it warms my heart to hear how you’ve taken care of Sammy. Cat people are awesome. So are dog people. Ok, let me rephrase. PET people are awesome! 🙂

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    • Insomnia is why I have an adult beverage before bed! It usually puts me to sleep immediately and I stay asleep for longer but not that night. Too much on my mind, I suppose. The tornado warnings are pretty scary because it means there has been one (or more) tornados have been spotted. I don’t care much for the extreme weather, for sure. This old house won’t need much to be “taken out.” Dad and I joke about waking up in Kansas some day BUT I think being blown into a million pieces is more like it. 😮 I hope you get some better sleep, my friend!

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      • Tornados are really scary. Since we don’t deal with them here, it was a shock to hear the warnings when I was in Dallas years ago. The scariest part was being held up on the tarmac because one was nearby. I don’t think being in a plane during one of those things would be very pleasant. Be safe, my friend. Oh, and old houses are tougher than you may think. Construction practices years ago would put new construction to shame!

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        • This old house was built in the 50’s by a guy who didn’t know what a level was. He had no carpentry knowledge what so ever, by the looks of the place. Lol. Aside from everything being unlevel , windows and doors can’t be replaced without major overhaul because the replacements aren’t the right sizes. On top of all that, the foundation is crumbling, so the walls are cracking and the floors are sinking. Seriously, it wouldn’t take much to blow this house away! It’s scary come stron season…even snow season can be scary because the weight on the roof could cave the roof in. Lol. And the roof leaks in so many places I lost count. 😮

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  5. Oh dear! You have a new house that is having troubles. That is not a fun thing. My floors don’t even know the meaning of the word ‘level.’ I have one room on the back end of the house that dips about 4″ over the course of about 15 feet. But this old house has been around for much more than a hundred years. I think it will be around for another 100, even though carpenters are often flummoxed. As for the guy who built your house, he reminds me of the guy who lived here before we took it over. He made a lot of ‘improvements’ that we’ve been undoing for 30 years. I always say that his projects around here were done during drunken weekends. Was the builder of your house an alcoholic?

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    • Lmao! I don’t know if he was an alcoholic or not but he sure didn’t know what he was doing! It’s definitely not built with any kind of blueprint. It’s like a large rectangular box and he just put walls up here and there, added a few windows etc. It’s a real POS. Lol. I would love to have an older house with character and strength! Problems or not, it would be better than this junk pile. :/

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