Jiminy Cricket

Last night, I was brushing my teeth, preparing for bed. In the bathroom, I turned on the hot water, not the cold. It’s a habit I (we) can’t seem to break. We live in a very old house, so in the winter we leave the water running just a trickle so the pipes don’t freeze up at night. We place a plastic cup over the cold water knob so not to forget and shut it off! It’s a real bitch when the pipes freeze! So, we got into the habit of just using the hot water.

I turned on the hot water, and for about 20 seconds the water runs ice cold. I’m brushing my teeth and leaning over the sink. The water starts to run warmer and then all of a sudden a HUGE cricket jumps straight up out of the sink strainer! Scared the bejeezus out of me! The water must have become a little too warm for Jiminy Cricket!

I turned off the water and tried to scoop the little BIG guy up and he wasn’t being very cooperative! He kept jumping, from the sink to the counter, counter to sink. He jumped to the floor. He jumped on my leg. He jumped back to the counter. Crazy little BIG guy! I was just trying to save his life. He didn’t know the dangers that await little critters in this house! With 5 cats, prowling for mice, Jiminy wouldn’t have made it out alive.

Jiminy finally jumped back to the floor and disappeared into the crevice under the cabinet. There was no rescue for him in sight now. He was on his own. Poor little BIG guy!

I expected to find a mangled cricket corpse laying on the bathroom floor this morning. My furbabies love to play with crickets! They don’t eat them because the legs get stuck in their throats. They learned that the hard way. I guess they didn’t find him last night.

Anyway, I’m sure I haven’t seen the last of Jiminy Cricket!

3 thoughts on “Jiminy Cricket

  1. We hear them making their cricket noises in our laundry room or the kitchen late at night, after we’ve gone to bed. Otherwise, in the daytime, I never see or hear them. They don’t seem to like the light. They’re nocturnal. But, I’ve never attempted to pick them up in my hand. *shiver* What I generally do is, if I have a glass jar available, and a sheet of paper or super-thin cardboard (think cereal box cardboard), I’ll quickly come up behind the cricket (or other bug) and place the upside down jar over it, then slide the paper/cardboard beneath the whole jar and cricket, then turn it upside down and take it outside and dump it out on the grass. Now, that’s the easy way for me to handle it, while I’m still up before heading to bed. If I’m already in bed and hear them, they’re free to chirp as long as they want. I’m not getting up just to put them outside. But, I don’t mind them, really. As long as they don’t bite or sting and I don’t see them that often, they can live in some crevice in my home. 😉

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    • That’s how I capture spiders or wasps. I’m not afraid of crickets at all and I will catch them with my bare hand if I can. This one sure startled me when it jumped from the strainer in the sink. I didn’t even know it was there!


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