Hairballs and Headbutts

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know I lost my 18.5-year-old cat, Fuzzy, in February. Don’t worry, this post isn’t about Fuzzy….

After Fuzzy crossed the rainbow bridge, I was suddenly left with only 5 cats. For 5 months I was 1 cat short of keeping my “Crazy Cat Lady” status! But in July on my birthday, a beautiful stray female cat found me. She came out of the woods covered with ticks and her fur matted. She actually looks like she might be part Maine Coon. After I got rid of the ticks I let her in the house. She immediately fit in with my other 5 cats. She seemed so familiar with the house, the other cats, our routine. She actually reminds me of Fuzzy. She doesn’t look like him at all, but she sounds like him, behaves like him, likes the same foods, and she cuddles like he did too. His grave is not too far from where I first saw her. Is it strange to think that somehow he led her to me?


Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie


I knew this poor lost kitty belonged to someone because the vet said she had been spayed. Her ears were clean, no mites. She had some matted fur but she was pretty clean for a stray. I placed a few online ads to find her owners. I didn’t try too hard though. Is that bad?! No one has contacted me, no one has come looking. I’m keeping her. She’s a beautiful, well-behaved, loving cat. She gave me back my “Crazy Cat Lady” status! I just love her to pieces.

Now, as difficult as it is for me to take care of 6 cats, I know how boring my life would be without them all. I despise the litter boxes, but it’s a necessity. Feeding time is a chore as well because each cat has his or her own ‘quirk’ that I must deal with. Cleaning up the occasional hairball mess is just plain gross! But the cuddles, snuggles, and headbutts are the best and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

On that note, I would like to invite you to my new blog entitled “Hairballs and Headbutts – Shenanigans of Six Finicky Felines – A Photo Collection” which is just a simple photo collection of my crazy fur-family! Please check it out over at and feel free to say hello!




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