The Joy of a Little Walk

I’m feeling better than I have in months! My doc gave me a new anti-inflammatory, plus a rescue drug for those days when I have severe pain, and just after one dose of the anti-inflammatory I could feel the difference! I am on Day 4 now and I am thrilled to have some mobility back. (Refer to The Enemy I Must Face for the story of my condition.)

I took a walk last night. It wasn’t a long one, but it was a start. It was smooth walking for the most part and I enjoyed the mild heat and the green all around me. (We have trails on our property so I don’t have to actually go anywhere.) I looked up and watched the birds as they flew over and smacked at a few little flying pests flitting about my face. Even that annoyance didn’t bother me because I was enjoying being able to walk with very little pain! With any luck, this new medication will continue to “do it’s thing” so that I can walk most evenings.

I continue to do my water exercises, which feel wonderful! I am “riding my bicycle” (stationary peddler) every day and I found a DVD of Yoga for Arthritis. I’m not sure I can do many of the poses, but I will do a few now and again, in hopes that I will regain strength after some time and be able to add more. My dietary changes, well….I keep goofing up, however doc said I had lost 20 lbs. so I must’ve done something right!

One day and one walk at a time…..I shall persevere.

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