Lucky Girl

I’m thankful today that an icy road wasn’t the end of the road for my “other daughter.”

The roads were beginning to get icy last night, as I took Doodle Bug home. I prayed the snow would stop and that the sun would come out today but no such luck. A.B. was out early this morning, headed to the college for a really big test. She had a friend with her, whom she was taking home after an overnight stay. Evidently there were some really icy spots on the road and A.B. lost control of the car. I don’t know all the details and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know because just the thought brings tears to my eyes. The car is totaled and she and her friend escaped with minor injuries but it could have been so much worse. Both are bruised up pretty bad and sore as heck. I’m very thankful they are alive and even more thankful that Doodle Bug was not in the car with them.

The lesson hopefully learned today: No class is worth risking your life to get to.

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