“Come On, Susan Lucci!”

Ok, so maybe you have no clue what the title of this piece even means. Maybe I watch way too much tv. Here’s the commercial clip so you can get a clear picture:


In case you aren’t a daytime soap fan, Susan Lucci (the actress in the red gown) was on the soap All My Children for many, many years. Now, this commercial isn’t particularly funny….but I have an odd sense of humor. It’s just so overly dramatic that it makes me chuckle every time I see it. (There are 2 other versions, too!)

Now, bear with me…..

Today, in the Walmart parking lot, I was trying to park the little battery operated scooter when I was finished with it and the dang thing kept stopping. The battery was fine. If you’ve ever used one, you may have come across one that doesn’t always like the way you’re sitting on it. It will stop if your weight isn’t just perfectly on the seat. It’s maddening. It really is. Especially when someone is right behind you and you’re trying to go, go, go….but the scooter just wants to stop, stop, stop!

Anyway, there I was, trying to park the scooter where it wouldn’t be run over by a car. It stopped. I got it to go again. Then it stopped again…. I yelled, “Come on!” and I started laughing my dang fool head off because I nearly finished that with “Susan Lucci!” Imagine the looks…even more than the looks I got because I was laughing my head off.

So, there ya go! There’s never a dull moment!