10 Stress-Relieving Tips

We all have stress and some people handle it so much better than others. I don’t normally feel too stressed because I have a system in place. We all have a daily routine from the time we get up in the morning to the time we go to bed. My daily routine includes stress-relieving tactics throughout the day.

Here’s my list of tips. I hope they’re useful to you.

  1. Journaling – Either online or off, handwritten or typed. It doesn’t matter. It helps to write down what you’re feeling.
  2. Music – It doesn’t really matter what kind of music you listen to, just listen. If you like jazz, listen to jazz. If you like heavy metal, listen to heavy metal. Avoid songs that make you cry or take you back to a time when things were difficult. Songs that make you feel good will reduce your stress level.
  3. Hobbies – A hobby can be very relaxing. It gets your mind off what’s causing you stress. It doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. If you like to draw, then draw. If you like to work in the garden, do that! I like to crochet, and I crochet every day.
  4. Bath Time – Take time out for a good soak in the tub. Light some candles, pour a cup of tea or wine, and have a good bubble bath! Tell people you will be unavailable for 30 minutes (or whatever time you desire).
  5. Pets – Cuddle with a pet. Nothing makes me feel better than the unconditional love, purrs, and head bonks of my kitties. If you have dogs, cuddle with them on the couch.
  6. Netflix – Yep, watch a movie. Choose something uplifting or funny. Something to boost your mood, not make you feel bad.
  7. Exercise – Whatever kind of exercise you like to do, do that. Take a nice long walk if other exercise is not your thing.
  8. Say No! You have the right to say no. Don’t over-extend yourself. You need time to recharge. If you need it, take it. Say no. No explanation, just NO!
  9. Meditation – I know it takes practice. It’s very difficult to block everything out, including your own thoughts. Keep practicing. There are some awesome guided meditations available. Just do a search on YouTube or buy a CD.
  10. And if none of that helps, go kick your asshole neighbor in the nuts.

Of course, I’m kidding! It was a test to see if you were paying attention! But seriously, what would you add to this list?