Public Restrooms. Public Enemies?

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have many pet peeves. One of those pet peeves happens to be public restrooms. I don’t mind using a public restroom. What annoys me is the design and functionality of most. Each trip I have taken to Walmart in the past 2 years has led me to writing this post. It’s been a long time coming….

First of all, let me just reiterate that it is NOT the “public” part of the restroom I don’t like. What I don’t like is the design and function of those restrooms. Why don’t business owners and builders work a little harder to get this right? Surely, the following list of flaws aggravates others too! Read my list and then let me know your opinions.

1. Automatic Flushing Toilets.  Do we really need the toilet to flush for us? Is this something that’s so difficult for us humans to do? Granted, some people are lazy slobs who don’t flush when finished, but the majority of us do. I wouldn’t mind the automatic flushing, IF I were finished before the flush! Sometimes, a simple movement will trigger the sensor, telling the toilet to flush. Maybe I’m just too short or something, but this should be taken into account. Not everyone is the same height, right? I mean, when you’re sitting there and the toilet flushes 3 times before you actually stand up, there’s a problem. I have started draping a piece of toilet tissue (when possible) over the bar behind the toilet to cover the sensor! I have even considered bringing stickers in my purse to cover them! Who likes being splashed with “dirty water?” Not me.

2. Seat Covers. Some restrooms have them, some don’t. I wonder if the ones that don’t provide seat covers know that there are old women out there who actually squat over the seat to avoid germs…..and then actually get the seat wet (you know what I mean) for the next person? All I have to say is ewww and thanks a lot.

3. Toilet Tissue Dispensers. Ok, we need the toilet tissue dispensers but do they really need to be so low on the wall that the simple reaching for it triggers the automatic flush?? Sometimes they’re so low that it’s difficult just to get some tissue out. Do I really have to carry my own tissue?

4. Automatic Water Faucets. No touch means no germs. I get it. However, can the water just stay on long enough for me to finish? Why must I keep moving my hands about trying to get the water to come back on?

5. Empty Soap Dispensers. How hard is it for the soap dispensers to be filled at each scheduled restroom cleaning? Should I start bringing my own soap too?

6. Hand Dryers. Why must it take 5 minutes for my hands to be blown dry? I don’t know about you, but I’m always in a rush and if there are no paper towels, it’s much quicker to just drip dry or dab my hands on my pants. Thank goodness some restrooms also provide paper towels.

7. Dirty Door Handles. So….. They go through all the trouble of having automatic flushing toilets, automatic water faucets, no-touch hand dryers to avoid germs from being spread but they have doors with dirty handles. They forget about the people who don’t wash their hands before they leave the restroom. They still touch the door handle. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of washing my hands and being careful not to get some unwanted germ that could make me ill? When I’m ready to leave the restroom, I use a paper towel (if provided) or my shirt to open the door.

8.  Small Stalls. Honestly, I have been in stalls that are so small and so poorly designed that my knees hit the stall door. Sometimes, I can barely get in the stall because the door swings in so close to the toilet. They can’t do better than that?

9. Writing On The Walls. Come on people. Grow up. Show some class. If you want to write on the walls, write on your walls in your home so the rest of us don’t have to see it.

That just about wraps it up. One last thing though before closing, though. I wish adults would teach their children some class and manners. Have you seen the messes left behind by young children? Ugh.

I’m positive I could think of a couple more things…..just give me another trip to Walmart to refresh my memory.