I’m not much of a poet but I keep finding things I’ve written and stashed away so I thought I’d share.


Smiling at little children, smiling at kittens at play.

A smile among a million gets me through the day.

If I can’t laugh, if I can’t smile

What kind of life would it be?

I must keep smiling, instead of crying

While in my heart I feel I’m dying.

I’ll keep fighting to the end

And smiling, smiling.

My friend.

Breathe & Be

Just be you, my friend.

Be always true, to the end.

Have integrity. Walk your own path.

Hold your head high, walk with class.

Dance barefoot, sing a song.

The days become short, rather than long.

Breathe your troubles away.

They really don’t matter, at the end of the day.

Time will run out for us all,

So do what you can, make that call.

Live life to the fullest. Live with glee.

Just breathe. Just be.

Copyright Being Aunt Debbie