I Am An Empath

Being human is hard enough but I’m cursed with being an Emotionally Receptive Empath.

What does that mean?

It means that I am receptive to other people’s emotions. I absorb others’ emotions and feelings. It causes me extreme mental fatigue. I often experience emotional overload, physical exhaustion, and sometimes environmental sensitivities.

I thrive on solitude. I need my alone time to recharge and refresh, in order to face another day, another encounter with others. I feel at peace when I’m alone in nature.

I’m a good listener and have an immense desire to help people with their problems. The problem with that is that it is physically exhausting. I can’t seem to recognize when I need to step away.

Violence and cruelty cause me great pain and heartache. Some current affairs upset me so much that I get a headache. I have to walk away from the tv, internet, or other media.

I always thought this was normal; a normal state of being human. I learned about 10 years ago that this is not the case. I’m not normal. I don’t fit in with most others. My circle of friends is small. In fact, most of those in my circle are people who bring a light wherever they go; they are a source of positive charge!

Many people over the years have told me I’m too emotional or made fun of me because I’m emotional over something that they are not. It’s not my fault.

I Am An Empath!

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