It’s A Mystery!

We always have chocolate in the house. One of our favorites is the Hershey’s Miniature Candy Bars, variety bag. We buy the biggest bag they carry at Walmart. Once in awhile Dad or I will grab another variety of bite-sized candy bars in a small bag. All chocolates are dumped into a gallon-sized ziplock bag and stashed away.

It was the week before Halloween. We hadn’t had trick-or-treaters in so many years we were certain we wouldn’t get any this year either. But to be on the safe side, and for our own enjoyment, we replenished our supply of chocolates!

At this time, we kept the bag of chocolates in the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. We always kept them there for the hot summer months. We hadn’t yet moved them to the drawer in the cabinet for the colder months.

On Saturday prior to Halloween, I had a few pieces of chocolate. I spoiled my diet for that day anyway so I had a treat. I took what I wanted from the drawer and left the bag in the refrigerator drawer. Either Sunday or Monday, Dad had chocolate. Instead of taking what he wanted and leaving the chocolate in the fridge, he took the entire bag to the living room with him.

On Tuesday night, Dad announced, “I’m going to have some chocolate!” He opened the refrigerator and before I knew it he asked me where the chocolate was. I guess he thought I moved it. I told him it was in the crisper drawer in the fridge where it’s been for the last several months. He said he didn’t see it anywhere. I know that Dad, like many men, will just not move anything and look behind or under, so I got up to find it for him.

Lo and behold, it was gone! I looked in the other drawer and on the shelves. I asked him, “What the heck did you do with it?” Of course, it wasn’t him; he said it must’ve been me. I looked in all the odd places I may have stuck it not even thinking…like in the potholder drawer in the cabinet. Nope, not there. I looked in the basket on my rollator, thinking I may have stuck it in there to transport it to the kitchen as I got ready for bed. I realized then that I wouldn’t have done that because I remembered clearly that when I last had chocolate, I left the bag in the fridge. I told Dad, he must’ve put it somewhere odd because he’s the one who always takes the bag from the fridge to the living room to watch tv. Hmm… So, we hunted high and low. We looked in, under, around, and on top of every possible place we could have put that bag of chocolate!

Dad looked in his room. I looked in my room but knew I have never taken it in there before. I looked in the oven, under the sink, in the island cart. I looked underneath all of my crochet projects that I keep in a plastic tub beside my recliner. Dad looked by his chair, under his lap blanket, even under his chair. We hunted throughout this entire house! No chocolate anywhere.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say someone has come into the house while we were gone or asleep and stole our chocolate stash! That’s a little (ok, a LOT) unbelievable since nothing else was missing! Why would someone take only our chocolate? They wouldn’t.

Here it is two weeks later and that chocolate still has not turned up! We’ve both been scratching our heads and looking over and over again in the very same places we have already looked a hundred times. We’ve come to the conclusion that it must’ve been thrown away – but how either one of us could have done that is another mystery! I mean, we have both accidentally thrown things in the trash before but we usually realize it right away and take it out. That bag of chocolate was pretty heavy so for that to have been done, someone (cough, cough, Dad) had to have been completely oblivious!

If it ever turns up, I will have another story to tell, I’m sure!