‘Those People’

I always try to mind my own business. What other people (outside of my own household) do, is their business. Why should I care? I don’t appreciate when people stick their noses into my business so I try to stay out of theirs. I understand basic human curiosity and that there are just some people who can’t help themselves!

What I will never be able to understand, are ‘those people’ who are constantly trying to cause trouble for someone else. Instigators. These are the people I purposely go out of my way to avoid. I avoid them like spiders, dentists and doggy drool. I don’t want any part of their drama. Why do I need their ridiculous, childish acts of stupidity in my life? I have my own worries to deal with, as does everyone and it upsets me terribly when ‘those people’ cause trouble for someone I care about.

‘Those people’ make up lies, start rumors and say terribly cruel things to and about others. They don’t care that they’ve hurt someone. They try to make others look bad, feel bad and REACT. A REACTION adds fuel to the fire. That’s what they want. They do whatever they can to make themselves look superior. Well, guess what? I’m not fooled by their cloak of ugliness.

I shall continue to avoid them like spiders, dentists and doggy drool. I hope you avoid ‘those people’ too.