Where’s Criss Angel When You Need Him?

A few nights ago, I dreamed that I was in dire need of a vacation. I just needed to get away. In fact, I wanted to just disappear. I’m really feeling this in reality so I can understand why those feelings came out in a dream.

The funny thing about the dream is that Criss Angel was there. (If you don’t know who Criss Angel is then you need to look him up…. He’s the ultimate illusionist!) Anyway, I wanted so much to disappear and Criss Angel was happy to oblige. He directed me to a very large, refrigerator-sized cardboard box. He helped me climb inside and closed the box. I heard some mumbo-jumbo and then it was completely silent. It felt as though I was floating. I felt no fear, no pain, no aggravation, no anxiety whatsoever. I was at peace. I was happy and calm. I had no worries.

Then I woke up. Those warm, calm feelings were gone. It was time to get up and face another day filled with stress and worry.

Now when I’m feeling like I want to just disappear, I ask myself (and sometimes aloud) “Where’s Criss Angel when you need him?”