How To Keep A Toddler Busy (Second of Series)


                                   Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie

D.M. watched diligently as Grampa made a chocolate cake this evening. He eyed the beaters as Grampa put them in the sink. I’m sure he wasn’t too happy about that! After Grampa got the cake mix poured into the pan, he gave D.M. the bowl to “lick.” This kept him occupied for a bit. He didn’t make as big of a mess as anticipated – the kid has pretty good aim most of the time when it comes to food. Even on his first birthday, not much of the cake ended up on the floor. Now to get him to bed after all that sugar!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Dad turned 73 this month. He was sick on his birthday. We decided to wait until he was feeling better to celebrate. He’s been much better for the last couple of days so today, we decided it was time to celebrate! Nothing major, just a nice dinner, cake and a shopping spree.

S.R. is making a chocolate cake; can’t be anything but chocolate. Dad doesn’t like white cake and yellow cake is out of the question because he says it’s like eating cornbread with frosting. Whatever Dad. Chocolate on chocolate. I’m not complaining; that’s my favorite anyway. It’s just funny how Dad thinks. Cornbread with frosting. Ok. As long as it’s chocolate frosting I wouldn’t complain!

C.F. is here today doing laundry. He will have dinner with us. A.B. is at the college taking care of something — when she should be home resting after the car accident. She has a pretty bad concussion. Her mom took her (since A.B. totaled the car and she shouldn’t be driving anyway) and Doodle Bug is with them too. I miss her so much!

We decided to go out for dinner, maybe Chili’s or Ruby Tuesdays. Dad’s birthday, Dad’s choice. Dad wanted Chili’s, so off we went. Thing is, we live out in the boonies more or less. We have to drive 20-30 miles no matter which town we go to. Dummy me though, I got confused and we ended up going to the wrong town — a town with NO CHILI’S! Cripes. We ended up having Ruby Tuesdays, which was good but it was an aggravating dinner.

Dad complained from the get-go. The lighting was bad. The booth was too small. The silverware looked dirty. The waiter was a girly-boy, LOL. Dad ordered the Louisiana Fried Shrimp, then complained because he didn’t know it was breaded shrimp. How else do you fix fried shrimp? He ordered the house wine because it was the cheapest and then complained because “they could’ve at least filled the glass to the top.” The meal was good, but to hear him talk it was the worst meal he’s ever had.

Dad. Gotta love him, but can’t take him anywhere.