Beauty is not in the way we look, the size of our clothing, or the color of our hair. Beauty is not how we apply makeup, or if we don’t wear it at all. Beauty is not the color of our eyes, and it’s definitely NOT in the color of our skin.

Beauty is deeper than what we see on the outside.

Beauty is in your soul, your being. It’s the way you love, the way you laugh, the way you carry yourself. Beauty is in your imperfections. It’s your honesty and trustworthiness. Beauty is in your positive attitude, loving heart, and the way you treat others.

Don’t be fooled by what you see on the outside. Some of the most beautiful people have ugly hearts and some people you may consider ‘ugly’ are the most beautiful souls in the world.

ugly heart

Monday’s Message

Monday’s Message is for the ladies this week. It’s simple. It’s hell growing old and we’re constantly searching for ways to slow the wrinkles and fine lines on our faces. Some of us have good skin and don’t worry too much. Others aren’t afforded that kindness. We have tiny black hairs that pop up out of nowhere, small blemishes, large pores — or so it seems. Sometimes it’s just that bastard magnifying mirror we use to find the tiny flaws in order to erase them from existence. You know what? Get rid of that bastardly magnifying mirror!! It causes such grief and insecurities! Throw it away! No one can see those tiny imperfections on your face. Only you can see them because you’re using that damn mirror! Throw it away ladies! Let’s free ourselves! Be free to be you, flaws and all!