Monday Morning Playlist

I woke up this morning with the desire to listen to some instrumental music. I haven’t listened to much music lately but last week when my car’s radio decided it wasn’t going to work at all, I just about freaked out! My CD player wouldn’t even work! After a few days everything was working again, thank goodness. I guess I would miss my music if I didn’t have it. 

The videos below are instrumental and addictive. They are some of my favorites and I have them playing on a loop this morning. My nerves have calmed tremendously since I first started listening. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!









5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Playlist

  1. Oh these are so nice! I have Apocalyptica on my iTunes, I mean it’s like buttah for your ears, lol. When I was working I’d listen to opera, and peeps would know to stay away from me if they heard opera coming from my office. That meant I was in a bad mood…lol.

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