16 Ways To Keep From Going Stark-Raving Mad!

I’ll bet this isn’t going to be the post you thought it would be!

We have become spoiled brats. We are destroying the planet, ignoring climate change, bullying people from other cultures, not treasuring other forms of life, etc. We listen to celebrities instead of experts. We believe conspiracies. We refuse to believe science over some nit-wit who hasn’t the brains God gave a turkey. The list goes on. We have done this to ourselves. We have created a planet where ‘crazy’ has landed and has taken on a life of its own.

I say we break away from that crazy and create our own crazy. What better way to keep from going completely bat shit crazy than by creating our own ‘crazy’? Wait. Did that make sense? Bear with me.

So many people have forgotten how to enjoy their lives and have let depression and anxiety take control – I’m guilty of this myself. It’s not easy to control it. Mental illness is no freakin’ joke, but we should try and relax and find some fun ways to reduce the crazy in our lives by going a little…crazy. Just let it fly. Your imagination is your only limit.

Today’s post is all about some crazy ideas to help make your days of social distancing a bit more fun. Grab everyone in your household and create some activities together.

Here are 16 ways that I have come up with to go a little crazy and have some fun!

  1. If you’re out n’ about getting essentials, wear your mask. To make wearing that mask a little more fun, just try sticking your tongue out at people as they pass by. You could even mouth certain things (if you know what I mean) behind that mask and no one would be the wiser!
  2. Laugh maniacally at no one or nothing in particular in stores and all the way to the car. People will think you’re nuts but you’ll be releasing all kinds of crazy stress and anxiety.
  3. Make a video. Pretend you’re the sole survivor of a deadly virus and your video is your story. Be creative and emotional. Don’t forget to add a bit of paranoia.
  4. Read a survival guide and invite your spouse and children to go on an adventure in your backyard. Pitch a tent and create the atmosphere of the wilderness. Try to survive the entire day without TV, devices, and other modern conveniences. Pack a few buckets with ice and food items for the day. Whole foods – foods that you would find in the wilderness if you were really on a survival mission. Fill a bucket with water and use a ladle to drink. Try it! It could be fun!
  5. Write a journal or an online blog. Write about the stupidity of others, your adventures of survival, or anything you like. Be creative and make shit up as you go, all while keeping your identity a secret.
  6. Have a “Musical” day! Sing…everything! Just sing. Sing your conversations, your questions…to your spouse, your kids. Encourage them to sing back! It doesn’t have to sound good. It only needs to be fun! Add in a little expressive dance and what a blast you could have!
  7. If you get angry or upset with someone, just bark. Bark like a dog. Leave them wondering what the hell is wrong with you!
  8. Dye your hair the craziest color you can find! Don’t worry, it will fade. You can use the less permanent hair coloring kits. Do the entire family! Be a rainbow of crazy!
  9. Write a letter to your future self. Tell your story; be creative and seal it away in an envelope. Decide when to mail it to yourself; 3 months from now, 6 months? Your choice. Be surprised when you open it on the selected date. If you’re like me, you will have forgotten what you wrote!
  10. Hide canned goods (or whatever you like) all over the house for the family to find at random times. Act like you have no idea how it got there. You could even make it a whodunit game!
  11. Create your own weird language and see if your family can decipher what you’re trying to say! No clues in your native tongue, just your weird made-up language!
  12. Wear your shoes on the wrong feet and see how long it takes the rest of the clan to notice!
  13. Create a game show and give it a unique name. Invite your family to play. Give away strange prizes such as toothpaste, baby carrots, a spoon, etc. Your imagination is your limit!
  14. Have a costume day! Dress up as your favorite cartoon character, or whatever your strange heart desires! See how creative your family can be!
  15. Create a class for your kids to take at home! A cooking class, rock n roll high school, movie trivia, how to bathe the dog, whatever you might be good at could make a great class! Make it as silly as you like.
  16. If all else fails, hit the bottle. Get drunk. Pass out. Maybe in your drunken state you’ll come up with crazier ideas to make life interesting! (Just kidding, really. Be safe. Drink alcohol responsibly!)

There you have it, folks! 16 ways to go crazy without going stark-raving mad! While you’re working on these things, I have angry aliens in my backyard waiting to be fed. I hope they like ketchup. Snort!

5 thoughts on “16 Ways To Keep From Going Stark-Raving Mad!

  1. Ha! I already do some (most) of these, lol. Especially the sticking my tongue out while wearing my mask, especially when I see the “stupids” those not wearing masks! I’ve hidden sweets around the house, and then not remembering where I hid them I’ve found them weeks later.

    I’m going bonkers here, I haven’t been out in public for long periods of time, unless it’s just to go and get food/supplies. I even stopped running outside, but I think I need to because the mental stress and anxiety this goddamned pandemic has caused is starting to weigh heavy on some of us, like myself. I’m usually okay with handling stress, but this past week has been harder for some reason. Mentally and emotionally, it’s been a struggle, and that’s something I’m not use to.

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    • Lol. I do some of the things on my list but mostly I sing all the time. Sometimes my house is like a live musical.

      I’m sorry you’re so stressed. I have been going a bit bonkers myself. I’m sick of staying home. I know I need to right now but it’s driving me mad. I’ve always been good about handling stress but the past 4 years has been exceptionally bad. One thing after another, more stress. Disbelief, disgust, disappointment…leading to stress and more stress. It’s part of the reason I am having a hard time sleeping.

      I hope this week starts looking up for you, friend. When do you start your new job and will you still be working from home?

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