Dad, Stop Pushing The Button!

The other night I was trying to watch “Prodigal Son” and because Dad constantly yawns loudly, coughs, gets the sneezies, or just talks through anything I want to watch, I turned on the soundbar so I could actually hear my show. He hates the soundbar because he says the sounds are all around and it’s weird. I told him that’s what ‘surround sound’ is and that’s what a soundbar does. It gives us the ‘theater’ experience. He scoffs at that, of course.

During one of the commercial breaks, I wanted Dad to hear some audio on my phone. He couldn’t hear it even though it was turned up. He grabbed the remote to mute the sound on the tv. I realized what he had done and why, so I grabbed the remote for the soundbar to mute that as well. As soon as I muted the sound bar, Dad pushed the button on his remote. The tv sound was back on. This went on, back and forth several times before I said, “Dad! Stop pushing the button!” He says, “I’m trying to mute the sound.” “I know. Mute it and then stop pushing the button. I’ll mute the soundbar.”

He keeps pushing the damn button on the remote. “Dad! Stop pushing the button!” He’s not understanding. He says, “I’m pushing the mute button but I can still hear it.” I say, “That’s because the soundbar is on!”

He’s still pushing the damn remote button. My show comes back on and I’ve given up on the audio I wanted him to hear.

“Turn the sound back on, Dad. My show is back on.” He looks at me with an extremely confused look on his face. The soundbar is on but the tv sound is still muted. I said, “Dad, unmute the sound on the tv. The soundbar is on but not the tv.” He just looks at the tv and the remote in his hand like he’s never seen it before. I get it. He’s 83 years old but it’s getting worse and worse by the day. I picked up my tv remote (we both have one) and I unmuted the tv.

Why didn’t I just use my tv remote instead of telling him to stop pushing the buttons? Because he would have still been pushing the buttons!

After my show was over, I turned off the soundbar. He asked, “Why did you turn the sound down?” I replied, “I didn’t, Dad. I turned off the soundbar.”

It’s no wonder I’m getting so many grays! It’s no wonder I haven’t pulled it all out! Gotta love him!

8 thoughts on “Dad, Stop Pushing The Button!

  1. Ha! Dad sounds like the sound aggravates him, and really it’s the technology of sound. My dad use to constantly say”what?” Or in Spanish, “que, no se?” Which means, what, I don’t know. So my mom finally took him to an audiologist and he was told he needed hearing aids.

    Well, the stubborn man won’t wear them! Ugh, it’s was so aggravating when we were out in public and he’d be yelling because HEs the one that couldn’t hear 🙄. My boys sometimes, just to mess with him would move they’re lips like they were talking and he’ll just keep saying “ I can’t hear you” and they’d laugh, but guess what, it got him to start wearing his hearing aids this past weekend, lol.

    Oh dad, he sounds like a hoot my friend, 😂.

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    • Yes, the sound of the surround sound aggravates him. His hearing isn’t what it used to be. You’d think he’d appreciate having the soundbar so he can hear better. Lol. Instead he aggravates me. Ugh. It’s getting where he’s understanding less. Tonight, while watching the last episode EVER of Criminal Minds 😦 I turned on the soundbar. I reminded him that if he mutes the damn commercials he will still hear them because the soundbar is on. He said OK. 30 minutes in an annoying commercial comes on and he reached for the remote. I said, “Dad, the soundbar is on. That won’t do any good, remember?” He said, “Oh yeah.” Lol. Sometimes he gets it, sometimes he forgets it. You win some, you lose some. Your boys sound ornery! Your poor dad! I’m glad he’s using his hearing aids now, though!

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  2. Ok, I realize that the whole sound bar thing is frustrating for both of you, but do you have to write about it in such a way that I laugh so hard my stomach hurts? I mean, I want to feel badly for both of you and the frustration but girl, you are too funny! As you would say…”Snort!” 🤗💕🤗💕🤗

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