A New Washing Machine

We’re having a new washing machine delivered tomorrow. Our old one is just a little over 2 years old. It’s a Whirlpool and I hope to never own another! It wasn’t ‘top of the line’ but it wasn’t junk either! You’d think it would last longer than 2 years! Our extended warranty had expired by just 2 months! Coinky-dink? Doubt it. I think they purposely make appliances to last about 2 or 3 years or so to get you to spend more money! It’s my fault we got that particular washing machine. I HAD to have the machine that matched my dryer. The dryer was relatively new at the time, so why not get the match? Right? Ugh.

This time we got a 3-year extended warranty and a GE. Again, not ‘top of the line’ because seriously, why the hell should we buy ‘top of the line’ when they won’t last much longer than the others? In my opinion, the more gadgets or the more advanced any appliance is, the more apt it is to have problems, so I tend to gravitate toward simpler appliances. It’s a nice washing machine, with a larger, stainless steel drum and different options for water level, load size, and it even has a special soak cycle for heavily soiled items. It can’t get here soon enough because I have laundry backed up and in the way!

I was reminded while reading an old journal entry of mine, that the machine we had prior to the Whirlpool was replaced just a few months before my youngest sister came to visit. There’s history of my sister being a jynx – so when that washer went haywire it wasn’t really a surprise because we knew she was coming! This time, she said, “I swear I’m not planning a surprise visit!” It’s a good thing because the things that have gone wrong in the past would astound you! That’s a post for another day!

7 thoughts on “A New Washing Machine

  1. Oh well crap on a cracker! The stupid machine done and died on you…ugh. I’m right there with you, I won’t go with appliances with all the bells and whistles, unless the fucking thing can make dinner, wash and store my food for me, not buying it!
    Two years ago I bought a simple washer and dryer it’s the Amana brand, and after all the abuse the boys have put them through, their still working like new, even I’m shocked, lol. 🤣😝😂

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