8 thoughts on “Monday Thoughts

  1. Ugh, right? It’s always someone you least expect to betray you. How have I reacted? I cut them loose and keep going forward. If later on there is peace to be made, I’ll consider it, but I can hold a grudge (which isn’t good) for a long, long time.

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  2. If it’s someone I deeply cared about, I react poorly. Generally, I internalize it – searching for why I caused it or where I went wrong, whether or not I had a thing to do with it at all. I lose sleep/my appetite and have constant anxiety until I can shift my focus away from the betrayal…some take longer than others to move on from. I don’t think I ever actually do get over them, but I do eventually minimize them in my life and thoughts…after I go through the flaming anger part, which is my favorite part of the cycle – it makes me feel empowered.

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    • It’s difficult to say the least. Been there, done that too many times. It IS hard to let go. It keeps me awake. It causes great anxiety. Ugh. I internalize everything. I analyze everything. My heart feels too deeply. Thanks for your comment! 💜

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