Earworm – You Can’t Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd

What is an earworm, you ask?

It’s a tune or song that gets stuck in your brain! It’s that song that’s playing in your head as soon as you wake up in the morning and plays all day long. Sometimes it’s a good song or tune but sometimes it’s awful and drives you bonkers.

Don’t ask me why, but I woke up singing this song! Who am I kidding? I’m still singing it! I used to listen to Roger Miller when I was a kid and enjoyed his songs. They were very entertaining and well, I was a kid and I listened to what my parents listened to.

6 thoughts on “Earworm – You Can’t Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd

  1. I had completely blocked this song out, because my parents listened to almost all of Roger Millers songs. They had pile upon pile of LP’s (vinyl to those younins, lol) of this man, Conway Twitty, Freddy Fender, Bill Anderson, Tammy Wynette, George Jones and tons more. I heard this song so often as a kid, I grew to hate it. Longest ear worm I’ve ever had 😝😂😎

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