Forgetful Mess

I swear, I forget things left and right these days. My pain level consumes me, even on a good day and if you know about chronic pain then you understand how difficult it is to stay focused.

I used to be able to multi-task, had a great memory, and even when surrounded by chaos I was able to get things done efficiently. Even when I worked full time and was running on empty most of my days off, I was still in control. The girls I worked with often commented how I was “on top of things” or “had it going on.” I was asked one time, “How do you hold it all together with kids and work and everything else?”

Those days are freakin’ gone. G.O.N.E.

Just gone.

This morning I left the house to go to town (28 miles away) and I didn’t notice until I got there that I had forgotten my phone. My only concern was if I had a problem, I would have no way of calling for help.

Saturday, before Dad and I left for our weekly lunch excursion, he asked if I needed the grocery list. I told him there were only 3 things on the list so “how the hell could I possibly forget them?” Guess what? I remembered 2 of those items but never did recall the 3rd until we got home.

I need both hands to get out of a chair. I have to set things down before I can get up. Well, if I forget my water bottle/coffee mug/phone or whatever else one more time I think I might scream! It’s just seconds! If I didn’t have to sit them down, I wouldn’t walk off and forget them!! It doesn’t help matters any that I walk with a cane so I only have one hand available to carry things. I have started keeping a tote bag next to my chair so if I have more than one item, I can carry them all!

A lot of people forget what they have entered a room for… I do this nearly every time I get up and walk into another room! I stand there scratching my head until I remember what it was I got up to do. Sometimes, I just go sit back down until it comes to me!

And trying to remember what the name of the movie was we just saw 2 nights ago or what we had for dinner last night or what day was it when _________? (Fill in the blank!) Lost cause. I have started keeping notes in a composition notebook. I call it the C.R.S. book.


In case you haven’t guessed it, C.R.S. stands for Can’t Remember Shit…because I can’t remember shit!

I even keep a notebook in the car to keep track of where we go and the date. I have notes and notepads all over the house to help me remember things. If I don’t write it down, it’s LOST! I sync my desktop calendar to my phone calendar to help me keep track of appointments, birthdays, and other important dates. I’m lost without all of my note keeping aids.

Do you have a good or bad memory? Do you have any tricks or tips for helping you remember things? Please do share, because I am a FORGETFUL MESS!

20 thoughts on “Forgetful Mess

  1. Same here…😖 Saturday evening we watched a movie and Sunday I couldn’t remember what movie it was…groceries same…if I don’t do the list even if I have only a few things to buy for sure I’ll not remember what I need to buy…Yep…can be annoying 🤨

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  2. I can totally relate to everything you wrote, except the chronic pain. I have a lot breathing issues that slow me down a lot. But the list? Oh, yeah! I keep my shopping & errand list paper clipped in my planner, which stays on the end table until I get ready to go to town and then it goes into my purse. 90% of the time. The memory though! I forget things like you do all the time.

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  3. Hi Deb! I am so so sorry you’re going through all of this. It sucks! I can’t imagine what you must be going through with the chronic pain issues.

    I use to have the best memory in the World, some might even say a photographic memory, but sadly that’s not the case anymore and I’m only 45. Just tonight I opened a new window on my computer to send an email and for a few seconds couldn’t remember who I was supposed to send the email to. SMH.

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    • That happens to me all the time! I figure it must not be that important or I’d remember. Ha. I always remember after I close the window. I try to play games on the computer and my phone to keep my mind from stalling out but sometimes that doesn’t work. Ugh. ❤

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  4. I hear YOU!! lately it seems mine is getting worse but only where I put stuff, because I have note pads galore to help remind me if stuff, calendars, etc too in the phone. always a list when I go to a store. sometimes I think it’s just our minds trying to tell us we got too much going on, but I doubt that’s the case anymore. yours is a way different situation too. chronic pain is a bitch!

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    • Yep. Chronic pain is many things….fun it is not! I guess I’m not alone in being forgetful and keeping notes. I try to not have too much going on because I know it stresses me out. For example, I won’t schedule more than 2 appts in any given month. Too much to worry about. Also, I don’t leave the house more than twice a week, and only one trip can be errands or appts. The other has to be fun, like going out for lunch or seeing the grandkids. But I think you’re right about our minds telling us we have too much going on! ❤


  5. I do t remember names and often do the house stairs multiple time because by the time I got upstairs or downstairs I already forgot what I had to get but on the other side I have an infallible memory fir faces and what people says to me to a point that sometimes to not look a weirdo or a stalker I pretend I don’t remember🤷🏻‍♀️

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