Gossip and Rumors


I was reminded today of a misunderstanding-turned-quarrel I had with a friend a few years back. Seems that I am still the target of mean-spirited gossip just because the other party had her feelings hurt. The person who reminded me of this was a good friend who told me what had been said about me. How petty and small-minded some people must be to continue to spread rumors and gossip about others.

People can gossip all they want. I’d prefer they leave me out of it. If they gossip about me, then oh well. That just shows a great immaturity and when rumors are spread, that just tells me you have low self-esteem and you have a need to feel better about yourself. Why else would a person do that, if not to make one’s self feel better? Oh yeah, to hurt another person. Guess what? I’m not hurt. Why? Because I know the truth. I also know that the people who know me, know the truth….because they really know me.

I, personally, don’t believe gossip and rumors. It’s usually none of my business in the first place. Besides, I tend to form my own opinions of people and other things and I’d rather do it without the influence of another person. I think for myself.

Most people can see what kind of a person you are when you’re running your mouth about someone else. You hurt no one but yourself when you spread rumors and gossip about others.



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