A Few Things That Ticked Me Off This Week

This week has been a real PIA. I had to go out every stinkin’ day except for Wednesday. It gets tiresome and when you have chronic pain and mobility issues it can be exhausting. Any kind of aggravation is exhausting. I try not to let things bother me but good grief….I’m only human.

To the lady in the waiting room who didn’t like that I earmarked the page in my book to keep my place for next time: None of your business! It’s MY book! Doesn’t belong to the library. Doesn’t belong to you. Doesn’t belong to anyone but ME. I bought the book used with my own money. STFU and leave me alone.

People in waiting rooms who think you’re interested in their life story. Seriously, I care that you are healthy and happy but I have my own problems to contemplate while waiting to see my doctor. Please just be quiet.

People who answer their cell phone in public and then speak so loud that everyone in the restaurant can hear about brother John’s sermon or Aunt Nancy’s colonoscopy. Just be quiet man!

Signal lights on vehicles that don’t work. If I have to abide by the law and keep my vehicle in proper working order, then so do you! Fix your damn signal lights!

Vehicles that only have one license plate, in front. Guess what? This state (Missouri) is a 2 plate state. Get that second plate on your truck or car. If I have to abide by the law then by golly, you should too!

That confounded Confederate flag. Give me a break. It doesn’t matter which view you take on this; the Confederate flag is divisive. Period. Has no place in today’s society. No more than the Nazi flag does. Just get rid of it and shush.

These little fruit flies or gnats….whatever they are….flying around my face continually. They try to land in my food. They try to get in my eyes. They try to get up my nose. They are really bad this year and it’s driving me nuts. I will be so glad when Winter gets here so the bugs go away, if for no other reason. Spiders too. The best thing about Winter is that the spiders hide away in a crack or crevice and out of sight.

It’s been a pretty aggravating week. I’m hoping the new week brings a bit more smiles and relaxation. I could use some laughs. Instead, I get inundated with other people’s stupidity.

I know there are still good people left in this world. That was evident when we were offered help with our flat tire on Friday. We didn’t ask for help. It was offered and it was just plain nice. I’m hoping my next post can be more positive! Something along the lines of….The Things That Made Me Laugh Today!


3 thoughts on “A Few Things That Ticked Me Off This Week

  1. I had to laugh about the woman or whoever that told you you shouldn’t dog-ear your book pages. LOL And then you’ve got other patients in the waiting room wanting to talk to you about their private lives? I’ve never had that happen to me. Maybe I don’t look as friendly as you do. lol I totally agree with you on fixing turn signal lights. Heck, those lights may be working and they just don’t use them when they should. I agree on the spiders, the gnats, and the Confederate flag. But, for the 2-plate issue, I couldn’t care less if they’ve got any plates on their vehicle at all or not. Not my problem. It’s there’s when John Law catches up to them. I just have to worry about my own.

    You want to get some laughs? My prescription for that is to watch the original Anchorman movie. It’s one of my favorite comedy movies. That, or binge watch the series Impractical Jokers (on TruTV). Those are some really crazy guys.

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    • Teri, the thing about vehicles without 2 plates is that if they need to be identified by other citizens, they can’t be. The one plate they have seems to always be in the front. And the police seem to look the other way. That’s why it’s so irritating. If I only had one plate, it would be my luck I’d get stopped! So, like I said…If I have to abide by the law, they should too!


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