I Can’t Win….

Today turned out to be a gawd-awful day.

I woke up late this morning. I would have slept longer than 9:30 if Dad didn’t wake me up. We have a sort of pact between us that if he isn’t up by a certain time in the mornings then I check on him. If I’m not up by a certain time, then he checks on me. Dad is 80 and I have health issues so we check on each other.

I’m usually up by 8:00 and he’s up by 9:00. It was 9:30 when Dad came to check on me. He asked through the crack in the door, “Are you alright?” I didn’t respond the first couple of times. I think he was worried. I was sleeping so hard and comfortably (which is extremely rare) and I just didn’t hear him. When I finally heard him, I responded. I was groggy and a bit confused. Sometimes when I sleep really hard (mostly from a nap) I wake up confused and I don’t even know what time of day it is! After sitting on the edge of the bed for a bit, I regained my senses. I never sleep this late!

I was pleasantly surprised that my pain level was at an all time low. I felt pretty good for a change! I cleaned the bathroom, washed the bath towels, bath curtain, and bath rug. I washed the dishes. I had planned on making a pot of homemade stew. I fed the cats and took the meat out of the freezer. I decided to wait until dinner to make the stew and we had chicken strips and fries for lunch. Simple, because I still have issues standing in the kitchen, regardless of how low my pain level is.

So, there I was…..getting our plates ready and I turned just right (actually wrong) and that’s all she wrote. I had this unforgiving pain in my lower back. I was miserable. I rubbed a GOB of pain relief cream on my back and then ate my lunch. The pain was horrendous….as if I need more freaking pain in my life!

I don’t know what happened, but walking, bending, sitting, standing…..all became so painful I wanted to scream. I even cried. I put an ice cold gel pack on my back for about 10 minutes and then switched to the heating pad. I alternated cold and heat for about an hour. Then I decided to go lay down for a bit to see if I could relax it away.


I got up to go to my room and the pain was so bad that I was pulling to the left. I started laughing, which hurt sooo terribly bad, but it was like that lame shopping cart you get stuck with that constantly pulls to the left or to the right. It was funny as heck, but not when I laughed. Haha.

The relaxation idea actually helped a little. When I got up, I made the pot of stew, which I almost burned starting with the meat. Good grief. I can’t seem to do anything right anymore. Except drive. I think driving is the only thing I can do competently anymore.

The stew was good, minus the carrots. I despise cooked carrots. I’ll let Dad do the dishes, as he usually does. He says it’s his job. I don’t argue.

I decided to write a little and get my mind off of my pain, but look what I decided to write about. Go figure.


5 thoughts on “I Can’t Win….

  1. Sorry, Deb, but I had to laugh at your grocery cart analogy. lol It was good to hear that you had a good sleep overnight, though, enough to even let you oversleep. Your body probably needed that extra rest.

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