Nothing Else Matters

Things are getting out of control in this country. With murder, crimes against women and children, shootings, stabbings, and other senseless crimes, what can we do?

We can start with some gun control. Ok, I can hear the haters and the bashing already. Let me explain. I don’t have a problem with folks having a gun to protect themselves, their families, and homes. I’m not against people having what they need for hunting. I do, however, have a major problem with the fact that the average person can purchase weaponry and gear that goes above and beyond the normal needs for protection and hunting. It is getting out of control! Yes, it’s people who kill, not guns. I get that. What I don’t understand is, why are we making it so easy for CRAZY people, and people with ill intentions to do the things they do? We have to protect the innocent and we aren’t doing that by allowing people like James Holmes to get their hands on the gear and weapons he used to kill and injure innocent people! We allowed him to do these atrocious things to the people and town of Aurora, CO. People’s lives were cut short. Mothers mourn their children. Children mourn their mothers and fathers.  People mourn their brothers and sisters, their friends, and co-workers. My nephew lost a good friend. (My nephew could have been in that theater that night, but had other plans.) All this grief because WE make it easy for the bad guys. Why is our right to bear arms more important than protecting our children? People are bitching continually about how “the government wants to take away our guns/rights” and they fail to see that our children have the right to grow up without constant fear of being shot to death. There is no reason the average person needs assault rifles and 100 round clips! Give me a break!

I can’t help but wish I could pack my bags and move my loved ones to an uninhabited island or country, or perhaps a planet in a new galaxy. I know this is unrealistic so I have to focus on things in my life that make me happy. Here’s a few things (not necessarily in this order) that make me happy:

*My 3 year old grand daughter playing the drums at a local music store last week. It was such a joy watching her! I will be taking her back there. She may have a musical calling that can’t be denied!

*Seeing my grandson make such monumental progress in his speech development. It’s wonderful to see the excitement in his eyes when he’s talking to me about something! I look forward to his next achievements!

*My wonderful sisters, who are always there for me, although so far away. I absolutely cherish our conversations, no matter how ridiculous they are!

*My Dad, my best friend. He may drive me insane at times but he makes me laugh like no one else has. I enjoy having him in my life.

*My children! I love them both and have enjoyed being their mother. They have made me laugh, cry and sometimes scream! I am so thankful I was blessed with them so many years ago.

*Waking up to a quiet house, a fresh pot of coffee, and being alone with my thoughts. This is a nice time for me to plan my day and WAKE UP!

*Rockin’ out to music! Not just hearing it, but feeling it. Not just understanding the lyrics, but feeling them.

*The moments I have during the day to pursue my crafts, and hobbies such as reading, writing, and crocheting.

*Although I have no use for the intense heat and humidity, I love the first morning light, fresh air, and the sound of the birds starting their day.

*Seeing a full moon on a cool night, and marveling at the vastness of space and what lies beyond the farthest stars I can see.

*Seeing the beautiful colors of nature after a nice Spring rain. The rain seems to wash the dirt away and the colors become more vibrant. Have you ever noticed the many different shades of green after a rain shower? Awesome.

*Doing something nice for someone who doesn’t ask for, or expect anything.

*Keeping up with my family and friends on Facebook. Goodness. What would I do without Facebook to keep me updated on the comings and goings of everyone I care about?

As I sit here with my juicy, red watermelon, my scattered thoughts, and my music blaring, I think about all the things in my life that I’m grateful for and the things that make me smile…. At this moment, Nothing Else Matters.

Metallica cover song, Nothing Else Mattersby Apocalyptica (Acoustic version)