Lost In Sadness

I’ve got a lot to say but these days, but it’s difficult to put it in writing. My mind is in overdrive and I can’t seem to concentrate.

My relationship with my daughter is strained, and I’m feeling….lost. How do you resolve an issue when the other person won’t speak to you? Sad thoughts fill my head daily. In hindsight, I think things could have been handled differently. At the time though, it was the only thing to do. I was put in an awkward position and I had to make a decision. Now, it seems like I have lost my daughter and the relationship I was growing with my grand son, one of the most important little people in my life…..

An invitation to Thanksgiving dinner and the desire to put the past in the past was not enough. I sat and waited for a phone call, a text or any indication that peace could be made. Nothing. Disappointment. Sadness. The everlasting urge to cry lingers. Do I stop hoping? Do I give up? How can I?

I’ve not seen or heard from them in over 2 months. I tell myself to be patient, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. But is there? I guess I wait……

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