A Partial Day of Peace & Quiet

It was nice to have a day out, just me and Dad, even though it was only a simple outing to Walmart and lunch at Ruby Garden. It was quiet. No grand babies crying. No daughter incessantly talking. No “other daughter” pecking out text messages all day long….tick..tick..tick. No son and “other daughter” bickering and pushing each other’s buttons. The drive was peaceful and I was listening to my favorite music on the way. We had Chinese food, all you can eat. Can’t beat that. It was Senior Citizen day too so Dad got a discount! We took our time shopping, eating and enjoying the peace and quiet that we really miss. We enjoyed adult conversation along with a really screwed up, immature topic of conversation and spent most of the day laughing. My Dad really is my best friend and I couldn’t ask for a better Father either!

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