Last Thursday & Dad’s Appointment

It all started at 2am when the storm they talked about all week decided to hit. With one lightning strike, the power went out. It went out for just long enough to mess up every digital everything, and that did not exclude the freakin’ coffee pot. When the power came back on, so did the coffee pot, which was originally set for 8am the next morning. The coffee actually started to brew at 2am! So, our coffee was several hours old and had to be rewarmed when we got up. The power went out several times during the wee hours of the morning. I had the a/c going in my room, which is digital as well. Every time the power went off, so did my a/c. I had to roll over and turn the damn thing back on via remote every single time. Thankfully, my alarm clock has battery back up because I had to take Dad to his doctor appointment in the morning.

His appointment was a bit early for me since I don’t go to bed until 3am. I know, I’ve heard it before: Why don’t you go to bed earlier then silly? Well, for your information, going to bed earlier doesn’t make me go to sleep earlier, that’s why. I still toss and turn (painfully, I might add) until damn near 4am no matter what stinkin’ time I go to bed! So now that that’s out in the open, I shall continue.

When we got to the clinic, there weren’t too many cars in the parking lot. I thought, Super! This is going to be quick and easy! Well, it was quick but it was painfully not easy at all. The people in the waiting room made me cringe. One lady was dressed in some weird-ass clothing so she looked like a clown. She wasn’t even an old lady. I thought to myself, Be nice, Deb. Maybe that’s all she has to wear. An older woman, who walked past me to use the restroom smelled strongly of urine. I think she was too late, I thought. Holy crap. Again, Be nice, Deb. Maybe her washing machine broke down and she doesn’t have the money for the laundromat to wash her clothes or maybe she was waiting for her son to fix her washer. There was an old man in a wheelchair who was coughing and wheezing like he really needed to see the doctor right away but the two receptionists were yapping instead of recognizing that maybe they needed to get him out of the waiting room before he infected everyone else. They were uncomfortably loud! I guess they thought we all needed to know that one of them has an autistic son and the other, a mother-in-law from hell. One has a dog with 3 legs and the reason for that is he got run over by the lawnmower. How awful is that? Oh yeah, and one woman’s husband was caught cheating on her red-handed by her sister’s husband’s something or other… Jesus. As if anyone in that damn waiting room gave a shit! I had told Dad before they called his name that I may be out in the car when he gets done…and that’s what I did. I held my breath as I walked past the urine lady and the wheezing man and tossed the gabby bitches at the front desk a dirty look as I disappeared through the automatic door.

While I was out in the car, I rolled down the windows because there was a nice breeze. It felt great! I put the radio on a classic rock station and turned up the volume. When AC/DC’s Hells Bells came on I cranked it up and I just happened to look a few spots over where a woman sat in her car, also waiting. She gave me a dirty look as if I might be Satan’s Keeper or some shit and I shot her the metal horns (hand gesture) and she rolled her windows up. And yes, I thought everyone deserved to hear my music because I have awesome taste!

Dad was done fairly quickly and we headed over to our favorite Italian restaurant for some pizza. The server was a pain in the ass. She took our order for hot wings, drinks, and pizza. Then she pretty much came back with one thing at a time, as if she couldn’t carry a beer and a glass of wine at the same time, or plates and a basket of wings, or even napkins and straws. The pizza was great, as always, so I tried not to be so hard on the dip shit.

We headed out to Walmart after lunch and got everything we needed in a timely manner. The problem came when we were ready to checkout. There were only 2 checkers working and there were 8 people in one line and 6 in the other. Geez. Can they not see the long lines of people waiting? I hate that store more and more every time I go there! But at least they had a scooter this time so there’s that…

When we got home we learned that it had poured down rain and the roof sprung a few more leaks. Dad asked me where my ‘grabber’ was because he couldn’t reach a strip of paint from the ceiling that was hanging down. He said it was going to fall eventually anyway. I told him where the ‘grabber’ was and as soon as he picked it up, poor Honey Bear shot out of the living room like a bat out of hell and slammed into the refrigerator, the cart and then my legs! She nearly knocked me down! She’s a whopping 20 lbs. and when you’re not expecting something like that…well, I almost lost my footing. She went through there so fast I didn’t even know which cat it was at first! I’m sure someone from her previous home must’ve done something to her with something that looks like or sounds like that damn ‘grabber.’ Poor baby. So sad.

I was definitely glad that day was over! Going out can be very exhausting for someone like me with chronic pain and even an older person like my Dad. We both fell asleep in our chairs! Everyone has to recharge, right?