10 Things I’d Do If I Were Rich…

Have you ever thought of what you would do if you were suddenly rich? My lifestyle wouldn’t really change much except for the fact that I’d live more comfortably than I am now. I’d still live a simple life because I don’t need a lot to make me happy.

It was difficult to put things in order but I did it according to a) necessity, b) community service, and c) desire. What would your list look like?


1. Necessity: I would have a new house built to my specifications and trust me, it is an absolute necessity because our current house has many problems, including a crumbling foundation! Our new house would be handicap accessible, spacious and functional. By spacious I don’t mean big. I mean room to get around comfortably and many cabinets, shelves, and closets. There would be ample counter top space in the kitchen and bathroom.

2. Necessity: I would have my knee surgery because I’d have the money to pay for the best surgeons! I’d have the money to pay for physical therapy before and after surgery, and I’d also be able to pay for in-home help while I’m recovering. The in-home help would also help with taking care of my Dad.

3. Necessity: I would definitely help my children and their families get ahead in life. I’d set up college funds for each of my 4 grandchildren, and future grandchildren, as well. I’d help my sisters and their families with whatever they’d need help with.

4. Community Service: I would donate to local charities to help my community. I would seek out the neediest children in my community and provide what they need; clothing, coats, shoes, etc., and if their families had a hard time paying their electric bill, then I’d be able to help them with that, too.

5. Community Service: I would love to be in the position to feed the hungry, no matter where they are. No one should go hungry in this country, regardless of their employment status or anything else.

6. Desire: In my home, I’d have a library! One large room, with room for a few tables and chairs for the grandchildren to do homework, and for me to do my writing and research.

7. Desire: I’d have a nice yard with a crew to come in the do the landscaping and maintenance. Let’s not forget a nice space for a raised garden. If I got my knees fixed then I’d be doing most of the gardening myself! Except the weeding…I hate pulling weeds!

8. Desire & Community Service: I’d open a Pet Rescue for dogs and cats. They’d all be spayed and neutered and get medical treatment, and re-homed to caring families! I’d recruit volunteers to give the animals attention, and I would pay several veterinarians for their services.

9. Desire: I’d finally get my Mercury Cougar! It would be a beautiful shade of purple with black interior. It would be the most comfortable ride in the county!

10. Desire: This is last on my list because I really don’t have to go, but I’d take a trip to the UK. I’d spend the most time in Scotland, of course. I don’t know why Scotland has my heart but it’s been this way for many years. It calls to me, so I feel if I get the chance to go, I must. Perhaps it should be a necessity then? Hmm…


Other than those things, my life would be about the same. I’m not very social anymore, so there won’t be any partying. My tastes aren’t too extravagant so furnishings won’t cost a fortune. I don’t want or need fancy clothes or expensive jewelry. I’m not looking to impress anyone, never have been that way. I just want to live my life in comfort, but not in the way rich people live. Just simple, down-to-earth comfort. I want to contribute to society and perhaps make someone else’s life a little easier, too. I just want it to be easier to be me.