What’s Eating Aunt Debbie?

Some things off the top of my head this week…

It’s sad that we live in a society that has to remind people not to take a medication they are allergic to, or to not use the toaster while taking a bath. Are parents so stupid these days that they need to be told to keep household cleansers, laundry pods, and plastic bags out of the reach of children?

Too many folks believe the conspiracies and lies even though they have been proven to be false! TRUTH MATTERS!

I despise seeing young women wearing tons of make-up, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake boobs, fake hair, etc. Don’t get me started on lip injections and botox. Why does society make women feel like they have to seriously alter their appearance? It’s sad.

Prices are soaring and it seems to me that a lot of businesses are taking advantage of that fact. Exorbitant prices with our incomes staying the same make life more difficult. We were going to purchase a pre-made shed that was priced at around $2,400. The very same shed is now over $4,000. You can’t tell me that isn’t GREED. I know lumber costs have increased, but price gouging is not cool.

Herschel Walker and his ‘honorary’ Sheriff’s badge…what a joke. He thinks it’s such a big thing. It’s so sad that he’s such a lying sack of…well, you know.

Stockton, CA police are on the ball! It’s not every day that there’s a serial killer apprehended near your hometown! Also, a black serial killer? That’s pretty rare in itself, isn’t it?

Stamp prices will increase in 2023. Didn’t they just go up in July? Ugh. Again, our incomes aren’t going up…not enough to cover the rising costs of…everything.

What’s on your mind this week?