What Activities Do You Lose Yourself In?

I can’t do much of anything these days due to chronic pain and mobility issues, but I do things with my hands since they still work right.

I like jigsaw puzzles and I can get so wrapped up in one that I don’t have a clue what’s going on around me! Of course, add to that an audiobook going at the same time and I’m really immersed! I always have an audiobook going, regardless of what I’m working on. 

I also do diamond paintings. I must have nearly 100 of them done and have a few more left to do. They really are relaxing, despite what people think. My eyes may prevent me from doing them indefinitely but for now, I will keep doing them! Dad was trying to get my attention the other night without interrupting at a bad time in my audiobook. He said he was standing there for several minutes and I had no clue! Talk about being immersed!

I’ve added a new activity to my evening schedule. I will start a color-by-number painting as soon as my current diamond painting project is finished. I hope my hands are steady enough for that! I worry that I’ll mess it up and/or I’ll spill paint everywhere! I can be very clumsy at times! 

I rotate my evening activities, throwing a bit of journaling into the mix each night. I want to try a latch hook kit. Maybe next month I’ll get one to start. I have to do something besides watching tv all day. Dad watches the news all day long. It drives me bonkers. 

What activities do you do? Whatever it is, I hope it relaxes you and gives you some time to yourself.


8 thoughts on “What Activities Do You Lose Yourself In?

  1. I have way too many hobbies I like to do that keep me solely focused on them at the time. I just wish I could work on all of them. Unfortunately, the only things I am able to find time for now that make me block everything everything around me out are crocheting, jigsaw puzzles, reading, and coloring.

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  2. Writing, rubber stamping (making my own greeting cards), online jigsaws (with the three cats a real jigsaw is dangerous) and a few relaxing video/phone games (Words With Friends, spider solitaire, Animal Crossing, etc) I should look into audiobooks again. I used to listen to them while I drove to work for 20 minutes, but now it is just 5 to 10 minute drives in the car and that wont work.

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