I’m Back…I Think!

It’s been a long break but I’m back. I decided that I have to force myself to get back on the proverbial horse or I never will. It’s been a rough couple of months and I’ve been physically exhausted and mentally drained. I will it to end, NOW!

It goes without saying (I think) that the current political situation is part of my exhaustion. I never dreamed in a million years that the country I love and grew up in would be in such a sad state. Between the Covid-19 virus and variants being made into political issues (which they are NOT) and the lunacy within the Republican party, my head is spinning. I just want to scream, “Stop the Q-Anon-Sense already!”…and that is another post entirely.

In May I started my weekly lymphedema therapy. It has worked wonders on my poor legs! I must use compression garments or wrap with bandages to keep the swelling under control but after my very last appointment, I think it’ll be fine. I will definitely miss that slow and gentle massage! Next step: Finding a surgeon who will do knee replacements on me without fat-shaming or telling me that I’m too young. I’ve wasted over 10 years of my life trying to get help. I had given up after having the rug pulled out from under me so many times. I’m going to turn into The Wicked Witch of the West and let them know I’m done with their bullshit. With the help of my NP, I have a new found sense of hope.

In June, we got a visit from my daughter, and my 2 sisters. I not only got to meet my future son-in-law, but I also got to meet my baby granddaughter, both for the very first time. My grandson has grown so much since I saw him last. My son and his wife and son stopped in of course, and oh, what a blast it was having us all together again! I was exhausted afterward…actually I was exhausted before they got here because I spent the previous 2 months getting the house in order! Goddess knows, I can’t do a lot at once so it took me a very long time. Ugh.

2 days before that visit, my Dad fell. He had bent over to pick up a piece of fuzz or something off of the floor, lost his balance and down he went. He landed on his nose and sprained his arm. Blood poured from a big gash down the center of his nose and dripping from inside. I don’t know which was bleeding the most! It was hell trying to get him up off the floor and getting the bleeding to stop. He refused to go to the ER and when I pressed the issue he got pissed, so I dropped it. After a week or so the scab on his nose was drying up nicely, and now the scab is gone completely. His arm is still a bit weak at times but it’ll be back to normal soon. Needless to say, I am very concerned about him and his slow decline. He’s 84 and it’s starting to show.

Earlier this month I had to say goodbye to my last elderly cat, Kitty. Miss Kitty turned 15 in May and was seemingly fine and then just a week later she was showing signs of kidney disease. I did not expect her to decline as quickly as she did because my other 4 senior cats went months with kidney disease before we had to say goodbye. So, 2 weeks after her 15th birthday, we had to take her to the vet and say goodbye. I didn’t want her to suffer anymore. It’s always a sad thing to lose a pet and I’m so glad my furbabies live such long lives but that damn kidney disease gets them every time.


I’m going to be getting back to my writing. The thing is I have too many writing projects that need my attention! I have this blog, “The Ex-Files” for my kids, my cookbook, and my short story, “Spike,” all going at once! What’s a girl to do? Advice, anyone?

Well, let’s have a good week, shall we?

Until next time,

Aunt Debbie

9 thoughts on “I’m Back…I Think!

  1. So sorry to hear about your dad’s fall, Debbie. I know you said his scab on his nose is healing, but what about his arm that he fell on? How’s that doing? I’m also sad to hear another of your fur babies has passed on. Do you still have about two cats there now?

    Continue to take care of your legs, now that you know what to do to keep the swelling under control. Since the ortho surgeons keep giving you grief about trying to get knee replacements at the present age, and your NP agrees with you that you need to have the replacements done to get any relief, then can’t the NP’s medical opinion on paper that shows that she believes you need it? That should be good enough for the ortho surgeons.

    Lastly, I’m looking forward to reading the continued Spike and Ex-Files stories. πŸ™‚

    Have a great week, Debbie! πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks, Teri. Dad’s arm is still a bit weak at times but it will be ok.

      I am left with 3 cats now. What will I do? I looked at kittens at PetCo the oter day. I wanted one so bad. πŸ’œ But no. I won’t be getting a other anytime soon.

      As for my knees, it never mattered in 2017 when I had a doctor recommend me for knee replacements. She wasn’t too happt that the ortho doc declined so she sent me for an MRI. That didn’t work either. I’m go strongly request that my NP do her homework and find an ortho doc who will more likely to do the surgery regardless of my weight, strength, or age. I will keep you posted. 😜

      I will try to get another chapter of “Spike” done soon but don’t look for any more “Ex-Files” because when my ex passed away in December it just didn’t feel right writing about him. I am putting the posts into book form, primarily for my kids. That’s what I was referring to in this post. I just have too many projects going at once! 😜 It’s no wonder I’m nuts. πŸ˜‚


  2. My dear friend, first of all I’m glad your getting back to writing because you should have that type of therapy, it does work. But I’m sorry to hear about dad but also glad he’s okay, he’s a bit stubborn I think but aren’t they all? I know you told me about Miss Kitty but I’m so sorry my friend, but she was with you for 15 years and that’s a true gift indeed. Those fur babies are precious and whether they make us laugh, scare or annoy us our lives are much better for having them with us. I hope your aren’t getting too much rain. I’m so happy that your therapy for your legs is helping, thank God!! Love and Hugs to you, dad and the Pack!

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    • Thank you, dear friend! The rain comes and goes, always at the most inconvenient time. For example, a downpour last night has possibly flooded the road/bridge over the creek and we may have to take the long way to get the car in for a check up today. Ugh. Love & hugs back, to you & Charlie. πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’™

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  3. Deb,
    You’ve got so much going on. I’m glad your dad’s okay. Also, your Miss Kitty was absolutely beautiful! I’m so sorry she’s crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We lost our two boy kitties, Merlin and Growleth two months apart about a year ago. Miss my boys every day! Hang in there. Hope all goes well with your health! Hugs, Mona

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