A Glitch?!

For some odd reason, my last post entitled “Friday’s Funnies – Stupid Men Theme – Sorry Guys!” did not post correctly. Instead, what posted was the draft I had been working on with a temp title (“FF”) and nothing but the photos. The draft still sits in the draft folder and it appears it’s not been publicized but yet there are comments on it. How does that even happen? I don’t know but I hope it’s just a glitch within WordPress. My apologies, folks! Y’all probably thought I’d lost my noodle the way it posted! Hahaha! I will be deleting that post – and starting over soon. I hope your weekend is calm, cool, and void of drama!

Thanks for reading!

Aunt Debbie

8 thoughts on “A Glitch?!

  1. Hey my friend I think WP is acting up, I can’t post to some of the blogs I follow (again). I saw your post yesterday and I commented and you responded, I liked your response but I can’t find it now. I click on it and it says error loading post. Ugh come on WP, get your shit together! 😠😤

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  2. When I clicked on your link for the new blog story, I got an error message that said it had been removed. So, I just figured you changed your mind about posting the article altogether. I’ll be on the lookout for the new one.

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