To The Man Who Broke My Sister


She was not the only one to blame. The incident that occurred was not of her doing. You had the same opportunity to do the right thing after the incident as she did. You could have DONE what you’re blaming her for NOT doing. You could have eased her emotional pain and you both would have been able to work through the after-effects of the incident, together.

You took the easy way out and you still won’t accept any responsibility. You are just as culpable as my sister. Everyone sees it except you. Therapists have even confirmed what we all know. But not you. You’re a self-righteous, pompous ass. Your narcissism is nauseating.

My sister was broken, is still broken, but she will put all the pieces back together, in time. and in spite of all you’ve done to her, all the rotten things you’ve said to her. She is strong and she will rise above it all.

I hope you’re happy now that you’re all alone. All alone with your high-society friends that you’ve put above the family you’ve worked so hard for. You just threw it all away.

7 thoughts on “To The Man Who Broke My Sister

  1. Oh Deb, narcists will never see anything they’ve done wrong, NEVER. That’s why they’re narcists they have no conscience, no moral compass, no empathy except for themselves. I’m sorry your sister was hurt, but she’s way better without him.

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