That word! When you hear someone exclaim, “Gross!!” you know exactly what it means, right? You know there’s something disgusting awaiting your gaze. Do you look or run away? If you look, will you be sorry you did?

Sometimes there’s no escaping the grossness of life. Seems to always be something we don’t want to look at! What do you turn your gaze away from? What makes you want to exclaim, “Gross!!” Here’s my Top 10 list of things I wish I hadn’t seen…or smelled and not in any particular order:

  • Moms who use their own clothing to wipe the snot off their kids’ noses! Bring Kleenex for goodness sakes!
  • Maggots. We call them the “M Word” in my house. Just the word is enough to make me hurl.
  • People who pop huge pimples in front of others. Come on, man! Not everyone thinks it’s ‘neat.’
  • The weird kid from elementary school who turned his eyelids up and chased the girls.
  • Steven Tyler. Yes, the singer of Aerosmith. Sorry but that man has given me the heebie-jeebies since I was old enough to go “record shopping.” I cannot look at him. One time I had a dream and he was in it. I wouldn’t even look at him in my dream! I’m thankful my brain protects me like that!
  • When hunters have to show off their kill on Social Media. Have some freakin’ class! Not everyone thinks killing animals is fun.
  • When people blow their noses at the dinner table, or in a restaurant while others are eating. You can walk to the restroom, can’t you? I mean, I’m disabled and I leave the table when I need to blow my nose!
  • When one of my furbabies throws up a hairball on my bed. Yuck! Thanks a lot! Time to wash the bedding again!
  • Gory, bloody, bone-chopping, scenes in movies. I used to watch slasher films and horror movies when I was younger but as I grew older I just couldn’t watch that stuff anymore. It’s just horrifying. The thing is, I can watch vampires, werewolves, mummies, Godzilla, and supernatural movies until the sun comes up – because I know those things aren’t real. There’s no such thing as those kinds of monsters. There are, however, human monsters who do horrifying things to other human beings and this is why I cannot watch those genres anymore.
  • The smell of death. My son had the leg of a deer in the trunk of his (then) girlfriend’s car for weeks. It was disgusting! I can’t figure out why she didn’t tell him to GET IT OUT!!

So, there’s my Top 10. I know there has to be more…

What things do you find totally gross??


6 thoughts on “Gross!!

  1. The leg of a deer? Why? Dear God! Why?

    I agree with 9 out of 10 on the above list even the pimple popping one. Even though I enjoy watching pimple popping videos yes, it’s disgusting to do it in public.

    But I love Steven Tyler. 😂💜

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    • My son was a strange kid in high school. I think he kept the deer leg for the shock value! And trust me, it was a shock when the trunk of that car opened up!

      Don’t get me wrong about Steven Tyler. I like his music, but there’s just something about his face that creeps me out! I don’t judge people on their looks though, that’s why it’s so weird for me to say I don’t like his face. I just don’t. Lol. 😮


  2. I’m going to have to say “gross” to all except Steven Tyler. The kid booger thing, yeah that’s nasty, I never did that with my kids because I carried a roll of a box of tissue in their diaper bags or had them in my car. But get this, a couple of days ago I was driving home from work and I was at one of the stop lights off the freeway. I was next to a blue Nissan Xterra with a pretty girl at the wheel, as I looked up I saw her picking her nose with her very long artificial nails, then, THEN take the booger (or whatever she dug out of there) and put it IN HER MOUTH!!! I was on the phone with my son and I was so grossed out I began to heave and dry gag until I got home. Why people why do you do shit like that when other people are around?!?!?! Even writing this is grossing me out, but people do stuff like this. And I have to agree with you on the blowing your nose at the table thing. My dad use to do that a lot until I told him to leave the table and go to the bathroom to do it, yuck!

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