Truths I’ve Learned Along the Way

Here’s a great blog from another blogger in my area. She is one of the people who has inspired me to write. I think you will really enjoy her blog!

Iced Tea with Lemon's Blog

Another year has whizzed by. Another year of disappointments, heartaches, and unbelievably ridiculous news events. Another year of sunshine, successes, and unbelievably wonderful adventures. I could easily lament—or celebrate—the passage of that year with all its ups, downs, and turn-arounds, but I would rather focus on the years ahead and all the crazy goodness still to come.

One of those good things is that I’m another year older today. I’ve been given another day to eat cupcakes and drink wine, another day to laugh with friends and snuggle with my husband, another day to remind the wrinkly, old lady squinting back at me from the mirror that I’m not giving up without some serious butt-kicking.  And even though this birthday isn’t one of the “big” ones, I have reached the age when I think every birthday is a milestone—a chance to rejoice that I’m still breathing and a time to…

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